Koko Sushi Bar & Lounge

875 Lombardi Ave, Green Bay
(920) 544-5097

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Terri Rose

Kokos should inform EVERY customer they have relocated to Lombardi Ave.Our food ended up placed on a table while we went to old location. It looks like pig slop on a soppy brioche bun! Disgusting!The dark lighting also made restaurant location obscure.Way to take no pride in your food or customer service.

Holli Peck

The restaurant had nice ambiance and the employees were friendly. We had to wait over 30 minutes after dinner while they tried to get their card system working. So that was a little annoying. After another 15 minutes wait they said they would just take the card numbers and run it later. I wish that resolution had came sooner.

Donald Werner

Super high quality service and food, Rachel was my server and highly recommend.

Michelle Wirth

Slow bar service. My sushi was okay. Bill deliverance was even slower. I was quite surprised by all of this as my visit was during the week and it was not crowded. It was my first time at their new location.

Jodes V

Ordered $130 of food for delivery. Was missing a soup and instead of shrimp was given chicken. No big deal right? We're talking about maybe $10 I was shorted. But thought I should call and mention it. The employee was adamant that the soup was in there and that it was shrimp I got because that's what the receipt says. Really?? I offered to take a picture to show her. How about here's a coupon for $5 which I would have used for another order of over $100. Never will happen now because of their horrendous customer service.

andrew anderson

New location is an Applebee's that serves Sushi. It's next to the kids water park. That nice cozy atmosphere is gone, the service seems to have gone downhill also, long wait times, seems to be caused by the to go orders versus taking care of the customers in house. Will try it again in another month or two, but a lot of work to do to make this a want to go location again.

Gij S.

Can't say I love the new space. Went from a place to go for a date night (kinda dark, atmospheric) to a place where they are blaring 80s music. Not exactly the vibes you want from a sushi place. Seems more like a sports bar now. Food was good, vibe was kinda lame.

Whitney D.

I LOVE Kokos. Let me start by saying I am not a big seafood or sushi person, but I do crave Kokos often. The edamame and the pork potstickers are always delicious. My favorite roll is the Godzilla, it never disappoints. My boyfriends favorite roll is the Where's Bob. We repeatedly come back for these menu items. The drinks are tasty as well. The staff has always been pleasant, but especially on our last visit. My boyfriend and I popped in here last week late at night, probably less than an hour from closing time. Everyone was super polite to us even though they were getting ready to close soon. We first sat outside on the patio, but we moved indoors since the bugs were bad before our server even got to us. Our server brought us a complimentary roll of Buffalo Bang right away and apologized for the wait and that the bugs were bad outside (even though it was no problem at all). We personally weren't big fans of the Buffalo bang, but it was free and a super kind gesture. We ordered our drinks and food and it all came out very timely. At the end of our dinner, as we were getting ready to head out, our server came back and brought us two more full rolls to go, he said they would just go to waste. I wish I remembered our servers name. It was a wonderful night, and we look forward to continue coming back here!

Kaddy Ro

Sake was definitely served in a small glass that I did not expect for the price. The calamari was very rubbery, and the wait time for sushi was very long. The sushi was pretty good but the wait time was a lot. Meh.

Shannon Erickson

Wonderful staff Excellent food

Colleen Deprey

love the new location. bartender worked his butt off and didn't miss a beat. amazing food and great service!!!

blackrose3033 (blackrose3033)

Husband and I have always enjoyed Koko. The food is always great and worth the little more compared to other sushi places. Their new location is walkable distance from home and the building is more open, bright and inviting.

Katie B

The food is still great but the atmosphere since they moved just isn't the same, the vibe is completely different now ☹️

Amanda Dettmering

Top notch! The staff are all friendly and extremely helpful in deciding which rolls to go with if it's your first time. We always devour 4 rolls in record time, cannot wait to see the new location!

jane perrigoue

I stopped to visit my favorite Godzilla joint after work and I gotta say tonight was a rough night for Kokos, they loss computer power : ( Non functioning pos. But I gotta tell you the bar host Paul and the staff really had a great attitude during the mini-crisis. I will definitely follow this group.to there next location. Break a leg Thanks again Paul.

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