Not By Bread Alone

940 Hansen Rd, Green Bay
(920) 429-9422

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Gary Damp

Excellent food! The staff is genuinely happy you're there. I eat there nearly every time I am in the area.

mark hagenbach

Tried this place for first time. Nice venue for coffee, sandwiches, treats. Open, airy, clean restrooms, friendly staff.Chix salad sandwich was good, not sensational. Spouse had chix pesto sandwich which she said was very tasty. Pasta looked good as well. I ordered an iced tea with my meal, $2.50.Wanted to get a refill on my tea. Was charged an additional $2.50 — head scratcher... $5.00 for iced tea is a bit much. I think refills on coffee are comp.Regardless I would go back and try it again. Good to support local biz. Next time though I’ll just have water.

Martin Gadelev

Great idea to a restaurant and some good food and coffee options but … costumer service ?! I went to get my food and there was a line . My food was ready and the lady said that she see it but I have to wait on the line . I just don’t understand why she just can’t check me out and my food don’t get cold since the other people were ordering food for dine in ? They have two registers but like to use only one ? What is the point ? Really had hard time to understand that ? I am sorry. Wish they use more common sense and just use their ability to make people happy.

Robert A. Bettenhausen

An excellent great place to eat and enjoy Lunch.


Our party of 6 came for a Monday lunch and found place quite busy. All tables were full, inside and outside. All our sandwiches were great and the fresh baked breads special. I would highly recommend this place although maybe come with smaller group next time.


Best chicken pesto sandwich! The bread that they used for this sandwich ? is outstanding. I love ❤️ it!

Karen Mastey

Awesome people, best carrot cupcake ever and enjoyed the chicken sandwich.

Mike Simon

Fantastic spot for a bite to eat during the work week!Staff is friendly, talkative, and quickly had assemble your order. If a substitution or add-on is needed they are happy to assist.Lunch crowd is busy, but using the order ahead via website makes that simple.A slew of options for breakfast and lunch, some of my favorite being… sausage bread, iced coffee, Turkey wrap, and pastas.

Becky Nulle Karras

Best bread I’ve ever had. I drive an hour and 20 min to get this bread. It’s that good. The employees are kind and friendly and I don’t ever want this place to go away that’s why I wrote this review so you too can know about it. The French sliced sandwich bread will make you tear up it’s that good. Sausage bread is good too like biscuits and gravy inside a loaf of bread.

Jeramy Qualls

As soon as I walked into the place I could tell I was going to get something good. The food was excellent! It wasn't just 'made' to order, it was crafted. Every single employee looked happy to be there, which tells me the owner(s) of this place really care about every aspect of their business. I don't live nearby, but I will be back if I ever have the chance.

S Rose

They accidentally gave me the wrong soup and when I brought it to their attention, they put the soup in a container to bring home. Awesome customer service and amazing food.

Grace Delgado

Super nice people. Food was great. Very fresh.

Becky N.

I have found heaven in a sausage filled bread! Yes there is a God. Salads to die for too.

Saving felv kitties

I got a to go order and they gave me the wrong sandwich otherwise this would be 5 stars. The sandwich was so tasty though. Bread was great. Didn't have to wait long at all. I'm definitely coming back. So just double check your order is my suggestion. I did get a free cookie and they offered me the other sandwich too but I don't eat meat so didn't take it.

Joe B.

Must do their cracked rye for a rueben sandwich, you can't beet it. Best rueben ever on that bread.

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