Umi Sushi

2066 Central Dr E, Green Bay
(920) 857-9031

Recent Reviews

Matt Jones

Great place to get Sushi. Nice atmosphere and great food.

Angelo Betow

Our sever Charlie was bright and attentive, amazing customer service!The food was quite amazing, the plating makes it look great, and you could tell the ingredients were fresh and high quality.Would highly recommend the calamari for an appetizer.Will definitely return many times!

Robert McCarthy

After 8:00 at night, there's a basketball game on, no tables in the restaurant. Overall waited too long for anything. Nobody was attentive or trying to serve us. Anything else was more important. So my suggestion is do not go in after 8:00 at night when there's a basketball game on. Otherwise I'm sure they're great.

Francisco Sisneros

Went here for my birthday dinner, it was fantastic! Highly recommend Umi sushi, the sake flight is amazing too!

Austin Belke

It’s not the worst sushi but it’s not great either. Fish seemed older (some tasted like canned fish tbh). And it was overwhelmingly veggie based. Miso soup was bland.

william anderson

Excellent food. Good service. Will definitely be back.

Papa Pump

Better than your average sushi place in Wisconsin...enjoyed it.

Allen Jensrud

Very good soup. Very big menu with tons of options. Calm atmosphere.

Keith Buell

EXCELLENT SUSHI, the plating is beautiful, the food is great, and the service is awesome. A huge menu for what ever you are the mood for.

Leo G

Really good sushi. Server was amazing. Everyone wore masks.

Nyia Yang

Great food and great service. Ramen was great and Bento box was delicious.

Mackenzie S.

I've ordered from Umi multiple times and have dined in a handful of times. Overall, their fish quality is very good and their lunch deal is awesome (option of two or three specified rolls and miso soup). Their sushi is lighter on the rice, you can see the seaweed clearly through the rice, which I like because I can eat more rolls and tend to watch my carb intake but for others, it might not be as filling so you'll spend more money. Keep that in mind when ordering the sushi portion is on the lighter side. As for appetizers I had the Agedashi and the Harumaki. Agedashi I find is a lot easier to eat when in bite sized pieces but at Umi they are served in large blocks which tend to make it harder to eat without the batter breaking apart and making a mess. The Harumaki was delicious and highly recommend, as for the Agedashi I'd skip it as it is harder to eat and really just makes a mess. Overall, I recommend dining in or take out as I have had a good experience with both.

CJ DeVoe

Always a great decision to come here always celiac friendly and the food is always spectacular the wife and i will be coming back for a long time to come

Carolyn Kendall

Food was wonderful, service was far from wonderful. We were seated and ordered an appetizer right away; at the same time we asked for a drink menu. We waited 25 minutes for our server to come back and ask what drinks we wanted. We ordered our food at the same time. Our food took a while. We got our broth soup just a couple minutes before our actual meal. One of the people we were with ordered miso soup and it did not come with the rest of the meals. We were told it was still being made. We finished half of our meal and again was told the miso soup was still being made. We finished our meals and she brought us our check. We sat there wondering when we would get the miso soup, so we flagged down the server and asked. Our server said, “oh yeah, that’s not coming. Here let me take it off your bill.” Very odd, did they stop making the miso soup half way through? Not sure if we will be coming back because of this experience.

Angela Dean

Rolls are very small with almost no flavor. Only ate one piece of the roll and threw the rest away because the tuna seemed discolored. Also ordered nigiri salmon which was a very tiny piece of what seemed to be lower grade fish over a small ball of rice. Just not worth the price. Very disappointed after hearing people say positive things about this restaurant.

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