Benvenuto's Italian Grill

Northside Town Center, 1849 Northport Dr, Madison
(608) 241-1144

Recent Reviews

Andrew Scully

You can tell they are trying their best during difficult times. Bar tender pored very strong drinks and although our sever was new he was genuine and enthusiastic.

Jill Schon

Food was good but the service was not the best. There was a very needy table of women that came in and took up all of our server's time. No refill on drinks, never asked if we needed anything and we had to wait over 30 minutes to get our bill. Learned I will have to go at off times in order to get service.

Diane Engel

We arrived and sat down immediately. We could tell our server was new, no big deal for us. Had to ask for bread water small plates. Management however could use some dressing etiquette. She wore a Terry bath dress so ratty the goodwill wouldn't take it. It was snaged and not very professional.Plus she brought her small child to work. Now we did not pay beach hut prices so we felt offended by the way they dressed and acted

Mike Raemisch

The food was good, only one problem I ordered the chicken alfredo and got alfredo. It was good.

Alana Brown

Service was great, food was awful! The food is not cheap, but it was executed so poorly that we left most of it on the plates. Soggy pizza dripping with oil, broken pasta sauces, and overall just bad. I felt like I was in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares.

John Bottensek

Used to be a favorite for years. Now, whether you dine in or order out they f every thing up. And these dolts want 15 bucks an hour?If the girl at the counter would put down her cell phone long enough to pay attention, perhaps they might get something right for a change.What a shame.

Dwight Johnson

Slow service when we were there 7/10…took 70 minutes from ordering to get our food. Got our own soft drink refills

Dwight J.

Went there Saturday 7/10 for dinner. Started off good-drink order taken quickly, order taken quickly...but the server didn't know the menu well. After 15 minutes we got our salads. Had to ask for bread. After 15 more minutes I went to the bar to get sodas refilled. Hadn't seen the waitress or a manager in a while. Another 15 minutes passed...we were ready to leave a $10 for the sodas and leave but food came. It was barely warm but we were so hungry we didn't send it back. By this time it was 70 minutes from when we were seated until we got our food. So...we won't return.

Joseph Garrison

This pizza arrived on time, it was still nice and hot, the delivery driver was very nice, and it tasted great. We got a 16 inch 4 cheese + pepperoni. It was a little expensive for just one pizza but it was good I'm willing to pay more for a good experience. Well done.

Project Zipties

The one in beaver dam is worth driving to I’ll tell ya this location in Madison is horrible the staff doesn’t have a clue. Waitress forgot wife’s drink had to remind her. We where her 2nd table I believe it was a Tuesday night not busy. The food took forever to come out close to an hour waitress never checked back with us every time we needed something we had to find her

Nate O

The food was ok at best. The chicken parm was delicious but the rest was barely warm from taking far to long to be delivered to our table. The service was by far the worst I have had in quite a long time. Took over 30 min to be served our beverages. And even longer to get our bill so we could leave. When we spoke to the manager, she was going to give us coupons to use at a later time, but she forgot and was not seen again. Only saving grace was they comped two of our several dishes (was there with my children for a fathers day meal).

Michael Bruno

Nice lunch salad. We had to ask our server for things multiple times, but they were apologetic and all in all it was a good experience.

Heather Seppa

Had a fish dining experience with my mom.

Itsa Me

Absolutely not what I expected. Very nice place. You couldn't make food any better. Everything was cooked to perfection. The cooks are awesome.

carebear love

This is a hidden gem. Nothing like what I expected when I looked at the building. The food was awesome

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