Lá tapatia

1951 Mead St, Racine
(262) 633-7816

Recent Reviews

Taje Taje

Customer Service Very Horrible The Kid Behind The Counter Had The Smartest Mouth Kept Getting An Attitude Because She Was Getting Our Order Wrong . Will Not Be Shopping Here Again !

Anthony Koller

Nice taco dinners quick at making my foid didnt wait no more then 10 mins

Rae Mitchell

Still one of my favorite places to visit

J P.

Trash ass food & trash ass people. They also exploit their employees with long work hours and horrible wages. Eating there you constantly hear the employees yelling at each other and fighting. The younger people working there always seem miserable along with having a horrible attitudes along with never seeming to be able to get an order correct. Please save yourself money and time by going to eat at arandas instead of this cockroach infested place.

Adriane H

It's a neighborhood mini food mart and Mexican restaurant. There is no decor, but the food tastes great. Meat was seasoned but not spicy. Portions were sizable and price very reasonable

QueenArie Kelly

As soon as I got home, I was ready to dig into my lunch until I noticed it wasn't my order. I called and the guy said he remembers me and it's my fault for not saying I had a pick up. So instead of trying to resolve the issue, he continued arguing and telling me what "my job" is when I order from him. Never again which is sad because everyone else is friendly. One bad apple.......

Bob Wolff

The Best Most Authentic Mexican Food in Racine ! Everything on the menu is a GREAT choice for dinner.Phone first for faster Deliciousness.I recommend the Enchiladas and tamales.

Becca Kingsbury

Not to knock those who like their food, I had regular beef tacos in crispy corn tortillas, I didn't care for the taste. My ? suit my taste buds. Sorry Lá Tapatia, nothing against you.

william schultz

Food and the staff are great. Just don't come in with an attitude, they'll give it back. Love grabbing the salsa and other Mexican style groceries they have available.

ralph wiggum

Not bad at all. The food and service was great ??

rachel pynaker

Always fast, friendly service. Best ground beef tacos!

J. V.

Food quality is inconsistent. Sometimes it's amazing, other times it isn't so good. They have messed up my order more than once. One of the girls who answers the phone never says hello or good bye, which isn't polite, and it's generally chaotic in the store.

Airr G

I get their Steak nachos with extra steak at least twice a week or their Mexican Steak (dinner).. I swear to you, I would travel out of town just to get their food. I'm addicted to their STEAK it's flavor is phenomenal. I have tried several other mexican restaurants in Racine and none of them compared to La tapatia. The owner is very friendly also.

Meli L

The girl on the phone was short and unprofessional with me. I asked her to repeat my order and she read it back correctly but my order still came out wrong. When I picked up my food, I checked my bag and noticed they forgot our 2 orders of rice so I had to go back in and ask for it. She mentioned that it will “ cost extra” which was surprising because I thought I had already paid for the rice. When I got home, I noticed instead of al pastor they gave me tripe, which I did not order nor do I like. The steak burrito tasted good but unfortunately had only like 1/20 of an avocado on it which I was expecting a little bit more than that.Waste of money.

Twis Tedmynd

Great service from family oriented people

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