Taco Bell

2825 S Green Bay Rd, Racine
(262) 554-6300

Recent Reviews

Abner Gomez

Wait to long for someone to take my order. There's a bunch of people hanging around and one person taken drive thru orders , no one taking care to walk in people.

Mary Aviles

Clean,friendly good fast food enjoy eating there

Kim L.

This Taco Bell is close to home so I keep hoping they get their act together. I've had numerous problems such as a taco missing or skimpy with the cheese on nachos. These things I can live with but this last time was it. Everything, and I mean everything was wrong. Our sodas were not diet and a diabetic can't just suck it up. Asked for regular tacos, got supreme. They were out of beans, and my bag broke because of leaky taco grease! Do better Taco Bell!!

Brian Martinez

I love this place but definitely ruined my day today when I realized I was given the wrong thing. The drive thru was empty and it was A mobile order. There's really no excuse

Andy Lui

Everything was correct. Very fast mobile order. Beautiful.?

Neal Gartner

Always fast and friendly here. Rarely have any mistakes with orders.


They're almost always extremely backed up in the drive thru and pretty much always forget things. Not the greatest honestly.

Drew Robbins

This place is so delicious I want to come back here

That_ _guy_

The team was very friendly and provided not only their terrific potato taco (I forget the name). The team also provided some laughs for me and my friends.


Picked up some dinner on the way home. Used the app to place my order 30 mins ahead.My Crunchwrap is covered in grease! This looks like mechanical grease. There is no way this was unnoticed by preparer... obviously they don't care..I will never go back.

Mirella Rivera

$10 box meal saved me in a pinch! Great quick option!

Dustin McCallister

I've been to better Taco bells that's why I'm reading this one a three because the employees are not very friendly and it usually takes a long time to receive my food

Ryan Edwards

Deserves 0 Stars, but that’s not an option. Waited in the drive thru line for 45 minutes just to find out they are “out of everything”. How does a fast food restaurant run out of all there food besides forgetting to place there supply order when they need it. Unbelievable in my opinion.

Don Trudeau

I think this might be the cheapest luck you can get. 2 beef burritos and a drink for less than $5 Leave out the drink and you get fed for less than 3 bucks!

Lexi D.

I would give 0 stars if I could...I do DoorDash & I came here to pickup a meal at 10:47 pm. I went through the drive-thru & by the time I got to the window at 10:58 pm. My order was still not ready. They told me to park in the front & my order would be brought out to me. I proceeded to try & call (which the phone was never answered), flashed my brights on my car, and even showed a worker my phone through one of the store windows. The worker told the other workers inside & I assumed I would be getting my food soon. I was wrong. The worker at the drive thru proceeded to give me dirty looks while I stood outside the store waiting for someone to acknowledge me. After 40 minutes, I had to go back in the drive thru line. It was 12:05 am by the time I got to the drive-thru window. At this point the workers said they "could not go that far back" to find the DoorDash order. So, I then had to read off my own receipt what my customer got. This has been the worst experience I have ever had at Taco Bell. Will definitely never come here again.

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