254 Emily Dr Suite 101, Clarksburg
(304) 969-0015

Recent Reviews

Judy Baer

Was not impressed by food. Did not like onion rings and burger was kind of dry.

Curtis Yoak

Just had my first, but certainly not last meal here. Food and service was great

Brien Williams

Burger was awful had no taste to it, what made it awful was they put rotten lettuce on the burger, lettuce was black and slimy, the only good about this place was the fries and beer. I told the girl working about the lettuce and she didn't want to do anything about it she just shrugged her shoulders and never came back over to me, will never go back

Chris Kerns

Had the regular burger and it was just ok. Would like to try some of the other burger varieties.

Parsons Michael David

I have never had a HAWAII Salmon

ALiquid StateMind

Good service, nice clean small-scale atmosphere. Standard American bar food but burgers tasted great. Family box was a fair amount of food for about three or four.

Del Spade

Food was hot n fresh. Interior was cool. A little pricey, but you get your money's worth.

Tammy Kniceley

Angus beef burger was freshly made. Beef and lamb burger was rather dry. Sweet potato fries were good.

Jerry Hardway

Not the best burgers/chicken I've ever had but not the worst. This probably won't be a staple of my diet but it was enjoyable. The place is super nice and the staff was quick and friendly despite current understaffed conditions. It's worth a try to see if it's for you

Amy some random chick

Tried this place out....really nice staff and they were very prompt with my order. Everything was really fresh and good quality burgers. Very clean ....which is a big plus!! I will definitely return soon!

Josh Dotson

Food was tasty good. Staff very friendly

josh langsdorf

Hard working staff and great selection. Vegan and vegetarian options, but plenty for meat lovers too.


Pretty good burger made fresh to order. I would not hesitate to go again if in the mood for a burger.

Erick G

We ordered a Gluten free burger and then a Salmon Hawaiian burger which never thought a Salmon burger would be good and it's not it's fantastic was delicious all of there burger so far have been above average taste I would definitely drop in and grab a bite.

Michael Province

Due to the fact, that they seem to specialize in hamburgers, I did not think there was anything extraordinary about their hamburgers. They were very common everyday type hamburgers, you can get a better one at Burger King or Hardee's or McDonald's. The hamburgers were good but there was nothing spectacular that I would say was better than anybody else

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