Kroger Deli

102 Emily Dr, Clarksburg
(304) 623-1015

Recent Reviews

phyllis moore

Well done trays of food for catered-type event.

Nicholas Spino

It is a nice and clean store. The loud music and over head speaker gave us a headache. The main sections are really nice. I loved the hot food section. Moe helped us find a bowl for our dinner. He was super nice. They have things placed everywhere it’s nice but I feel like I missed things. I liked how big and clean it was. All in all the store is nice. I will go back again!

Logan Marie

do not use Kroger pharmacy - the people are extremely rude and refused to fill my script because the person who dropped off my script for me didnt understand why they wanted his license and instead of telling them why they wanted his license for my script, they told him they are not filling it, and told him to leave. and after 8 months of getting my script filled the same week evey month, they stopped stocking my medication and now they have to order it and that delays my script from being filled the next month and instead of explaining why when I asked why that's happening, I was told am I leaving the script or not because it will be 3 days into nov before my October script can be filled.

Jenny Burkhart

I appreciate this Kroger. Many friendly workers and patrons. Especially during this trying time of Covid. The workers having to wear masks and still keep a good attitude. Im oftentimes greeted and folks aren’t afraid to chat.

Gary Taylor

I've been shopping at Kroger's for years their meat and seafood is always the best nice and fresh good produce nice selection at the deli also their bakery items very good I recommend Kroger's to everyone can't wait till the new store opens

Linda Stalnaker

Great place to shop and can’t wait for the new store in January 2021

Julie Warner

I just came from there and my eyes burn because of the bleach. That is all you smell around the meat department and I'm allergic to it. Got what I needed and left in a hurry. They didn't need to use that much.

Josh Spencer

best place to shop around. The staff is always welcoming and educational they run a pretty clean store. food quality is the best. They might be out of toilet paper but they're still the shyt

Bobbie Riffle

every time I come to pay a bill you have to wait over 30 minutes, they are rude and inconsiderate. they get an attitude because I'm paying 3 electric Bill's at one time. One of the workers tried to make me only pay the fee in cash.

Kenneth L Clark

courteous and helpful staff

Karen Rieser

We love Kroger’s on Emily Drive. The produce department is above anyone else’s by far. The men stocking are very knowledgeable. Friendly. I’ve taken pictures of their department. Always looks amazing. What we don’t care for on Sunday morning is trying to get by all of the people filling orders for pickup. Gets crazy. Do not like all of the self checkouts. People line up with big orders only have 1-2 lines to use. Shame on you for not taking better care of big purchase customers. Our average is 200-300 or more a week.

Barb Kornbrath

The self check out/ scan program is AWFUL! Slow, annoying, no space for groceries, machine won’t stop talking, slow!!! Everyone hates it! Pay your employees and put them back to work!!!’

Kelly Polinski

The clicklist is awesome. My order is always ready and correct.

Katie Kelley

Very well managed store and all of my brands are always on sale! There are never any lines in checkout and all employees are friendly and professional! Download the Kroger app for great deals!

Kristin L. Trippett

This is for the bakery. I bought my daughter's birthday cake there, and it was not pretty. It tasted good but I was really disappointed with the appearance. It was actually lopsided. It was supposed to be Doc McStuffins but besides one little figurine you stick on yourself, there was no telling what it was supposed to be.

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