Burger King

1931 Earl L Core Rd, Morgantown
(304) 291-2926

Recent Reviews

Zaid Hanif

would’ve have put a lower review if there was an option. manager cursing over the phone while i remained calm. poorly managed burger king and refused to return my money

Mel Bankhead

The General quality of the food was as per-usual (Decent and fitting for the occasion and scenario of fast-food), while the point of the review is in regards to the demeanor of the individual operating the drive through, she spoke in a condescending and dismissive manner almost as if my existence was a hinder to her happiness, not to mention the use of fowl language that was heard from the back in regards to another customers order, in summation, my emotional state is bothered and my day ruined. Disappointed.

Jason Miller

this location is a monstrosity. my wife attempted to go through the drive thru seeing there was a line of people. as she waited she messaged me saying they weren't answering the drive thru. I then called and said there was a long line at the drive thru and noone was taking orders. my wife said lights were on outside and inside and looked operational. also the manager was sitting in the lobby on her phone. the person was extremely rude and said they were closed... okay well p

Daniel Delsignore

Food is still ok but how is it safer for a truck driver to walk through the drive through. Compared to taking his order from the front door. You make people pull ahead a walk there bag out to them when your busy. Wouldn’t it be safer to do that instead

Roland Kee

Average food quality. Service was good.

Donna Cottrell

They are open, but you can't get a sandwich. Their frier is down. Why are they open. The BK in sabraton, WV.

Kirsten Surbrook

Just sent my daughter thru the drive through in Sabraton for 2 fish sandwiches, no cheese! I don't know what we got! It was thin like no fish the minute I bit into it it was hard like just the crust the lettuce was wilted! Seems to me it was left over from the evening and instead of tossing it and taking the lost they handed it off to us. Of course I tried to call and it rings then asks for access code what the heck??? Should gone to McDonald's for a burger!!

susan Wood

Very welcoming curious crew awesome management

Julie Giannola

2 stars because the food was fresh. However, the lady at the drive thru was extremely rude. There was a line of us waiting to get our food since it seemed that they were making it as it was ordered-thus it was fresh. When it came out there were no straws,sauces,napkins...waited again. Repeated several times what we needed. The lady who brought our food was nice.With literally every known fast food restaurant located on this street; I was surprised at how poor the service was. Pick another place or go up to the next exit that has another Burger King

Curt Hess

Usually gets your orders right but food is not prepared nicely as you would expect!

Diane Hayes

Clean and friendly people working the day I was there.

Jackson Boyle

Friendly staff and fast service


Be careful an employee i know was forced to work while having covid and the management was completely aware

Charles McPeek

The person taking the order was very quick and even suggested a meat pattie for my dog. Great stop along a very long and enjoyable trip.


Even after repeating our order four times, it was still wrong. Sat at the window for a few minutes hearing the crew trying to figure out our order for two sandwiches and were finally told to pull out front and they would bring it to us--it was still wrong. Very disorganized and we would not recommend

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