Pita Pit

387 High St, Morgantown
(304) 284-0027

Recent Reviews

Felecia Perea

Ordered delivery thru Door Dash! Wow! Had the steak with a wheat Pita and it was fabulous! Highly recommended ? When my son gets home we will rate his Baja chicken ?


Pretty tasty, quick. Could have used a hit more meat, but still good.

Madhav Pathak

Largest choices of available sauces I have ever seen

Nick C.

This place is horrible. Cockroaches everywhere. My pita had mold on it. Absolutely disgusting!!!!! The owner is racist too.

Zach Hopkins

Great place to get some quick Mediterranean food for relatively cheap. They have a wide selection of sauces and add-ons and the food was well put together and flavorful. Also, the owner advises to order off of pitapit.com instead of GrubHub because it charges him 20%, spread the Love ?

Jill Marie Hutchinson

Great service and food. Delicious!

David Hawkins

Sauce selection is insane.

Holly F.

We're passing through town, and I chose this spot, despite the 2-star ratings I saw, because it's Mediterranean food, which I love, and included many salads, and I'm on Keto (avoiding carbs). I should have listened! To be honest, the food wasn't terrible- I got a gyro salad with spinach, and my fiancé got the Hawaiian wrap. The salad was small, and although she was generous with the feta, she didn't just add spinach to the romaine, but gave it instead, so there was no crunch at all. The salad, wrap & 2 waters came to $24.00! But IT'S NOT A RESTAURANT! It's a dirty- looking hole in the wall takeout place! I wish yelp would differentiate between take out joints & sit down restaurants. The ladies room was locked, and when I asked, was told that the Japanese restaurant next door owns the ladies room & pita pit owns the men's. They keep theirs locked until they open, so I have to use the men's room!I was somewhat dressed up, so the idea was not appealing. It may have been clean, hard to tell when it's so run down. If you want something to-go, it'll suffice.But, THIS IS NO RESTAURANT!

Isaac G.

The menu can be a little overwhelming, but the food is always great! I'll definitely be back!

Elizabeth Saraceno

If I could leave zero stars I would. 3 hours to deliver food is unacceptable. Employees didn’t seem to care every time we called to check on order. Forgot items, driver dropped off at wrong location and we had to track down. Don’t use this location!

Bill Hank

Ordered food from them online and they never delivered it to me. Stole my money and I never got it back.

Austin Jerman

Ordered food from them online and they never delivered it to me. Stole my money and I never got it back.

Jared T.

Terrible customer service. They consistently mess up simple orders, leave the pitas half empty despite paying for the "larger" option, and don't include all listed ingredients. They offer no fix and give zero empathy for their mistakes. I've never been more disappointed in a chain location than this.

Kevin P.

Imagine biting into an onion. That's what it was like when I bite into one side of my pita when I specified "No onions." The other half was ok but when the lady ruined my order and messed up my roommates she showed zero empathy and even hung up on us when she was in the wrong.

John K

Good food. Not the biggest portions though

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