215 Hornbeck Rd, Morgantown
(304) 284-0885

Recent Reviews

Mykal O.

Food was great but service could definitely use some better managing. Our waitress didn't take our drink orders and we sat for 15 minutes waiting on a relatively slow dining room. When she took our orders the food took forever and food came out rather cold. When I asked for salt and pepper she forgot and didn't come back to our table until my food was even colder. Waitress also found it acceptable to stop and talk to customers in excess about mask mandates while we among others were waiting for service. Personally would not visit this specific Denny's. although I have otherwise enjoyed many other locations.

Mike Dixon

Not bad

Candaise Whetstone

Best service! Best food!

Virgil Davis

As the website stated under $5 cold cut combo was 499 however I was 639 plus tax. Won't be back there

Theresa Fellows

Excellent subs for a great price and fresh veggies always

Danielle Thorn

The manger is beyond rude to customers and especially her employees! I used to work there, she kept tips and passed them out to whoever she wanted to give them to. She fat shames one of her employees on a daily basis....they leave the food in the over night and will still serve it the next day! This place is terrible to eat and work there!! I have never been so disrespected in a place my whole life!!! Never again will I step foot in that business

michael shea

The girl who waited in me kept saying how bad she felt and wanted to go home. She kept coughing while making my sandwich. I waited for a while in line. I was traveling through and if I wasn't so hungry I would have left. Disappointed.

Saleena Alkire

This subway is full of very rude employees.

robert starsick

Fast and fed.

Tammy C.

For a quick lunch subway has anything that a person could want. Been watching carbs so I make my sandwich into a nice salad

Allen Johnson

Good food at a great price for the money

Edward Muzichuck

Just your average Subway experience.

Hap Garrett

I work from home for the government. I have gone to this Subway sometimes every day of the week for lunch as it is close and fits my schedule. Today I asked the female manager for a little more cheese on my meatball sub and was told it would be extra. I just wanted enough cheese so that I could actually see it. She didn't give in so I left my sandwich and my Subway card there was several hundred points. Look up Subway food here on the internet. It's probably not the best thing for you. Subway used to be a good place for food quality. Now if you want cheese you can actually see you have to pay extra.

Jacqi Armentrout

This restaurant is full of amazing employees.and the food is fresh.the place is clean. It's the best in town!

Adam Blair

$2.50 daily specials on 6in subs

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