Bob Evans

2896 Pike St, Parkersburg
(304) 489-2171

Recent Reviews

Richard morris

Fantastic service, staff friendly and excellent service.Food was great, and fantastic value.Will be going back.

Burl Lemon

Great meeting the manager Michelle. What special southern hospitality.

Andrew holt

Been to count was Bob Evans this one in particular is best one I've ever been to great service great food Head and Shoulders above any other Bob Evans I've been to

Bre Buckley

Went to go pick up our food. They said they did not have it and that it was some how at the traffic circle restaurant told us we called the wrong store. We even showed them the correct phone # for their store. Also... $10 for 12 pieces of BACON?!

Sandy Roy

My experience was fine very polite young people that waited on me at the window I always appreciate when they're polite.

Angie Barnett

The food was good and our waiter Anthony was good.But your female cook or manager whoever was behind the wall lacked respect of employees.They may argue but working in customer service I have always I guess you could say easedropped.So tonight let's call him Mr Rude comes in and Anthony takes his order.He orders something not on the menu. Steak something with green peppers and melted cheese. Anthony went to the window and ask how he should place the order. She, the lady behind the wall explained to Anthony how to do the order. . Anthony in turn did as he was told.Someone else brings Mr Rude his dinner and there is no melted cheese. Mr Rude was unhappy. So the young lady took the plate back to the window explaining what was wrong. Anthony over heard and said he did as she explained. Well your lady cook or manager just cut loose. It didn't matter who heard her. Reaming him for not doing as he was told. When he tried to defend himself she just kept going.In my years of being in customer service, YOU DO NOT REPRIMAND AN EMPLOYEE IN FRONT OF CUSTOMERS.This is something that has always bothered me and I know of a manager who worked at a local retailer who was fired for doing that.I am not saying fire her. I am simply saying you need to have a chat with her.Bad for business and for keeping staff.

jeff moore

Great service! Everything we ordered was great. Waitress took care of us without hovering. Southside is way better than North end. 5 stars, we will visit again

Ron Haugh

Wonderful food served by friendly and efficient waitresses. I will return here whenever possible. Great job.

cathy haycox

One of the more memorable meals while on vacation. Food was great, short wait and our waitress was awesome. Me and my granddaughter both are for under$12.

Diana Vannoy

Very courteous staff and clean place.

Sarah Dix McDaniel

Absolutely outstanding service and delicious food!

Leslie Board

Service is wonderful!!! Everyone is friendly and the food is consistently good!! The South Side Parkersburg Bob Evans is far superior to the other Parkersburg location. It’s our go to!! We love Lauren!!

Rita Board

Great place to eat! Good service too!

Richard Landreth

Really good meal. Used the website to order dinner. Would have liked the fries crisper and served in paper rather than the meal box. By time I got back to the hotel the had been steamed and were soggy. The flavor was good and the portions large. Want to try breakfast in the dinning room.

Kim Bussard

We were very hungry when we arrived in Mineral Wells, WV on Sunday and just happened upon Bob Evans. After the very professional service we received, we will likely return each time we're in Mineral Wells. Thank you to the staff for such courteous and friendly service and great food

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