HQ Southern BBQ

70 Curtis St, Evansville
(307) 315-6947

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crystal s.

I was visiting from out of town and found this hidden bbq gem! Staff was friendly. Food was delicious, fast service and fair prices. Would highly recommend!

Mikki Miller

Good service, interesting casual atmosphere and clean. Beyond that it was nothing to write home about. We had the Q plate (pulled pork) and Brisket plate. The brisket had some fabulous barking but both meats really lacked any smoke flavor. The sides tasted store bought and the beans tasted like warmed up pork and beans. The sauces (original and hot) were tangy and unique. Nothing was bad but nothing was remarkable either. They do have generous portion though!

Pete R.

Possibly the best ribs I have had anywhere. Almost missed the place. Worth the U turn.

AJ Medina

Easy to find location just off I-25 inside an old gas station converted to restaurant, HQ Southern has the best BBQ in WY so far, Epic Mac is THEE BEST Mac n Cheese I have ever had, brisket and pulled pork are tender, sauces are flavorful and Memphis style dry rub ribs are the crown jewel on an awesome dining experience, attentive service completes the 5 star rating, highly recommended you come in and get yourself some!

Jamie Umbras

Disclaimer: from Texas and have enjoyed bbq from all over so I am biased. I ate at 1pm on a Thursday so should be somewhat fresh.First of all, the service was great for this type of restaurant. Food came quickly after I ordered. I liked the cornbread that comes out complimentary to the meal. It's good but far from the best I've ever had. After asking about the moisture of the brisket and realizing it was likely going to be dry I decided to go with the Q sandwich to try a more reliable meat, the pulled pork. The sandwich bun was lightly toasted and had a nice crispy bite to it. The pork however was very dry, the flavor was okay. As my side I ordered the "Epic Mac" which was more like cheese soup with spiral noodles dropped in. Some of the noodles were not cooked very well and had a slight crunch to them. I would not eat here again based on this experience. Bbq is about tender, flavorful, and juicy meat HQ.

Dan Turco

The ribs and sausage were good. Brisket and Pulled Pork were a bit dry and could not stand on their own, def needed sauces. I would go back and just stick to the ribs. that was the shining star.

Brian K.

Nice! I couldn't choose just one style of ribs to order. So I ordered the sampler. Great choice! I was stuffed, and it was delicious. My wife ordered the pulled pork sandwich, which she said was very good. She couldn't decide which sauce (wet or sweet) type. Both were good but she liked the sweet better. We both got steamed broccoli. The broccoli was perfectly prepared. I got a draft beer. The restaurant is located in a readapted gas station and auto-repair shop. It makes for a different kind of social atmosphere to eat and enjoy an afternoon. Well done folks!

Rex C.

The three stars is because of the brisket! Waitress told me that the brisket was nice and moist. When the brisket came out it was chopped, dry and not moist! where I'm from you don't chopped brisket unless it's going to be on a sandwich or you're trying to hide something. The best thing on the plate was the mac & cheese, thank goodness. Plus I know it's hard to get help, this waitress really needed some help, took forever to take my order and to check out.

Ashleigh H.

This place is amazing. If you aren't looking for it you might miss it. It looks like it is in an old gas station building maybe. It's pretty small inside, but we ordered our food to go and it was EXCELLENT! Some of the best bbq I have had on this side of the country. We ordered the Q sandwich, potato salad, 1/2 rack of ribs, epic Mac n cheese, and beans. It was sooo good and a lot of food. Delicious and great value, I would absolutely eat here again. It was a great experience!

Janine A.

The Mac and cheese alone is worth a visit to HQ BBQ. It is delicious. You get yourself an order of that, put some pulled pork on top, and put that habanero BBQ sauce on top and you've got yourself a delectable delight. You will not regret your decision to stop here to eat. Not ready for indoor dining? I'm not either! No problem. They offer speedy take out too.

Joe F.

4.75, but very close to a true "5." HUGE portions. I know this reference won't relate to the people that are looking to try HQ and the people that have had Pickles & Bones probably won't find themselves in Casper, WY, but I would still, without fail, put Pickles & Bones as #1, but this place was great. Pete Rose poster on the wall and Phish playing when I walked in--I knew I would like this place. Brisket was a 4, all of the sides were 5s. We placed a call ahead order and it was ready within the timeframe they said. The guy that took my order and delivered out To Go order was really nice and helpful.

Brandon E.

Well where to start ? Let's start with service, when one goes to a restaurant your expecting good service. Well not here so much. I've been to the this place twice and was NOT impressed by the service whatsoever. Both times I been I've had the same server, and both times it seems like she has a chip on her shoulder like she doesn't care about the people who's coming into the establishment. My last visit I asked what was a popular item and what was good and I got whatever you want is good, this time I asked what was the epic make an cheese and with a crappy look I got told "It's epic". Last time I asked how the ribs were and with an attitude I got told it's ribs. This time I ordered brisket the plate come out and my French fries were hotter the brisket. I told my waitress ( which I believe she is the manager) that my brisket was cold and with an attitude AGAIN told me "well did you start eating" ? I told her yes and it was cold. She did bring me more which wasn't much better and needless to say I had a few bites, ate the fries paid an left. I mean I went there thinking it would be better but this is twice and that's not okay in my opinion. Both times I been here the lady is running around like there's a place full and there's not it was around (6) people at most and that's pushing it seated. When you get seated the menu is slid to you and when she comes back around an you order your drink or food it seems like your being an inconvenience by ordering or asking for something. In my personal opinion that's not how the hospitality business works or goes an if you don't like serving people then you shouldn't be doing it. So I think my business in my opinion is done there. But I will say this. The ribs which I had on my first visit was delicious !!

Janette B

Haven’t been here in two years because I found the barbecue to be dry/tough. Decided to try them again only to find all the doors locked two hours before close, patrons still inside. Screw this place - they won’t see a dime from me.

Ohio Fulltimer

Went early afternoon...best time being retired. Was hard to find cause I saw a gas station...bigger signs would be nice. Nice waitress sat us to our table. Hot outside, cool inside.Flies terrible inside and food marginal at best. I had the ribs and my wife had a burger. Ribs are supposed to be meaty and fall off the bone...nope fatty ribs and had hard time cutting the ribs apart...nothing fell off the bone. Wifes burger was small and dry...Never again!!

Leslie Anne Andrus

Love this place! Food was delicious! Service was as well!

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