102 George Wallace Dr, Gadsden
(256) 547-0119

Recent Reviews

Valarie Hudson

I love the Brisket fries. Delicious.

James Johnson

Only stopped in for a bag of crushed ice this time. Drive thru was busy so I went inside and was out in no time. Proud to have this Jack's in East Gadsden.

Kenny Doby

Word of advice don't mark an order ready for pickup if you haven't even started the order yet.... 0 out of 10 for stupidity

linda wagner

Double cheese burger was hot, dressed exactly as I requested and delicious!! Fries was hot too! Nice folks!! Great experience!

adam bennington

This Jack's in 100% better than the one on Rainbow Dr. Love it here. The worker are very nice.

Laura Swindall

Great remodel. Good food.

*ÅMÅRÅ* *KIRCUS* (*•*ÂMY*•*)

I love Jack's breakfast it is the best but this Jack's is always busy so be prepared to wait in line a while really especially in the morning time right after you drop the kids off at school time actually.

Vermeka Searcey

Depending upon what you're getting in my opinion you get your food hot and most of the time fresh also that's depending upon the location

MC Lala

Finally, I think they're starting to listen to the customer about the portion size of the chicken fingers. My order today was fast and hot... Thank you!!!

Cheryl Jenmi

I have to share this Jack's has the best grill chicken salads and great tasting lemonade that's around here in Gadsden and I always stop at my favorite Jack's restaurant across from Ronnie Watkins in Gadsden everyone is so friendly and the young lady by the name Misty that helped out the cashier at the drive thru window always makes sure that your order is right and food is fresh she has such a beautiful attitude and very professional way of handling customers.....So everyone please stop by Jack's in Gadsden in East Gadsden

Jim Davis

Love that #5 extra crispy fries lg milkshake

Michael Nessler

I eat at this jacks at least 4 times every 2 weeks. My order is always with special needs. Take this off add that to extra this or that and they have never mixed it up. I would refer anybody wanting good quick food to eat here

Sean Walker

Ordered 4 piece with fries through door dash. I don't mind paying the extra for the convenience. This IS NOT 20 dollars worth of food. This Jack's has dropped the ball. Subpar food with above average price. Won't eat at this location again

Amanda Shinsky

Good food. Only been once on a road trip

Shannon R Hunter

driving thru parking lot can be better arranged for traffic.

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