El Cisne Restaurant

4717 E Sunrise Dr, Tucson
(520) 638-6160

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Ordered take out food based on their web menu. The chicken taco was $15 instead of advertised $12. When I pointed it out, it was “ well there is a disclaimer somewhere that prices may change.” The food was mediocre to begin with and certainly not worth the price. Not going back,


Excellent kitchen with dependably good food. The restaurant is a local meeting place for local Mexican families and neighborhood snowbirds. Music a few nights a week. Fantastic happy hour foods. Takeout business is lively. The cheese crisp! The Topolo salad with shrimp! The Flautas! And definitely the Corvina which is served Peruvian style for dinner, or in tacos, etc. the soups are great, too. Can’t go wrong really. A sidewalk area to dine with your pup,

Barbara-Ann W

Four of us went to El Cisne for dinner April 5. When our orders came mine was not good. I ordered the Carne Asada Taco. Usually the meat is hot and spicy. Not there. Mine was flavorless plus I had said I wanted no rice and I received a plate full. When I informed our server MM. The manager later came to our table and said she had tasted it and it was prepared properly and she liked it. Basically, she was very insulting that we would dare to criticize one of their dishes. She did say they would take it off the bill but her insulting approach and actions were not OK.


This is our second time here. We were so surprised by the decor. So refreshing and relaxing with a really nice bar that is well stocked. The food is fantastic. Fresh guacamole and homemade tamales! We are vegan and the food here is incredibly clean and healthy. The service is fantastic and the staff is wonderful.

Renas Mustafa Aktas

I came Tucson from Chicago and my couple friends took me to here. I will start with tortilla chips and verde sauce and it was amazingly delicious. They are generous and refreshed our chips and souce. I ordered combination taco, enchiladas and tamales. I liked my enchiladas a lot. The only issue was that I asked for beef tacos but they gave me chicken one by mistake which it can be happen anywhere and I didn't ask for change.

Sam Gomez

Went after viewing the Degrazia gallery. Atmosphere was nice however my meal was not the best. I ordered a chicken burrito which was super greasy , upon cutting into it the grease splattered everywhere. The burrito itself was nothing more than a soggy tortilla filled with chicken, that’s it . No beans , rice , or any other filling to the burrito. Not sure if the waitress misunderstood, but meal was disappointing.


Won’t be going back to this place! A Cadillac Margarita in a 10 oz glass that was over filled with ice for $20 EACH, is NOT something I would say is “worth”’it!! Too bad, thought it would be a place we would like to go back to. 2 Cadillac Margaritas & 1 shrimp quesadillas = $59. 42 on a Sunday at 2pm. No thank you!


After visiting a nearby art gallery we decided to stop at El Cisne for some food. The staff was super friendly and the salsa was tasty.

Flip Widget

Great food, great service. The missus was happy and if mom's happy then everyone is happy!


Never expected such a nice atmosphere in a "strip mall" location. This family obviously takes great pride in providing a lovely atmosphere, good service and a wide variety of really good food. Husband had a combo plate and "the BEST (cadillac) marguerita of the trip!" I ordered the full snapper (quickly deep fried) and it was great - reminded me of meals at a high end Costa Rica Fishing Lodge. Prices were very reasonable too.

Kay D

Given location, we weren't expecting such nice, welcoming and quiet ambiance. Well run (family?) Restaurant that appeared to have mostly local (and older) clientele. Service was attentive right from the front door. Food was excellent as were drinks. Husband said their 'Cadillac maguerita' was much better than "higher end " places on this trip (including the resort lodge bar where we're staying). Lots from which to choose on the menu & well priced.

Harold Wood

If you like mild Mexican food this is your place. It wasn’t nearly spicy enough for me especially the chicken Molé which is ordinarily rather spicy. Even the salsa served with chips was not spicy. It was however wonderful that they served vegetables as well and not just rice and beans as a side. The music was especially nice here. Too bad the patio is on the parking lot instead of a view of the mountains. But with the music the cars driving by could barely be heard

Greg Lugo

Nice restaurant but a little overpriced. Might have to do with the neighborhood in which it is located. Picture is the Cisne combination plate. One taco, an enchilada, chile beef, rice and beans.


Good food for the group of 4 of us. Certainly above average, but a bit awkward during Covid. Very good live Spanish music.


Delicious! Had the Cisne Combination plate. Chile con carne, taco, enchilada, rice and beans (black or refried). Food came out quick and service at the bar was perfect.

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