JINYA Ramen Bar - Burbank

4011 W Riverside Dr, Burbank
(818) 238-9867

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Katrina Stanco

The ramens are always consistent and tasty everytime. We also order a kids meal and it was huge. Way more than my kid can eat, but it definitely gave a good variety of food and there was plenty of leftovers which was nice too.

Neil Amin

Great fire pit.Reasonable deal....

Guy Wolfus

It's been a couple of times already where I've waited for pickups over 40 mins past the due time of the order.At first I thought it might be a fluke, but when you wait 1.5 hrs overall for a pickup for the second time in a row - it is clearly just poor management.It's a pity, because the ramen's actually good, but I can't recommend this place and I'm definitely not going back there anymore.

Ken Wong

7-1-21:After a light dinner, walked past Jinya and decided to share a ? of ramen. Ordered the one with brussel sprouts and it was delicious. Char sui was nicely grilled. Broth tasted rich and creamy.Service was friendly and staff wore masks. Felt like a safe environment. Ambiance is very nice.Overall, even though I overate, I'm glad I stopped by to try this place. Would definitely come back again.


Had JINYA Tonkotsu Black, very delicious!

Kiki A.

I don't have social media but I do have a Yelp and I want to say not only is this restaurant in a great area with great food they have great workers ....one especially I want to mention him I believe his name was Miguel my car ran out of gas Miguel took time away to come and help me. I appreciated that so much. I thought he was great it made me say that the restaurant just didn't have good servers,cooks, etc. but just genuine good people as well thank you so much Miguel. And I hadn't even eaten there that day

Helene R.

We have visited Jinya since it's inception, food always good, service on and off, I must mention if now you visit at lunch / happy hour and you have the chance to be served by Miguel you will know what is hospitality. Hopefully when things resume on the old schedule this kind of service will be prioritized. Thanks !

Matthew A.

I had Jinya for the first time yesterday and it was amazing!! I ordered a Jinya Chicken Ramen (their original). It came with two pieces of chicken that were quite small, noodles, some greens and the broth. It was very tasty but I wish I could of gotten more chicken. We also ordered two rounds of edamame, an order of their jalapeño butter corn (which was amazing), an order of their bones less chicken (10 pieces) and an order of their gyoza (6 pieces). Everything was very tasty, the only downside was the little amount of chicken and noodles I got in my ramen for the price that I paid. Other than that everything else was amazing.

Aly B.

Food is great. But the service-- extremely sub par. As we were FINALLY greeted the wait time varied between 5 - 30 mins depending if they felt you were pretty enough. While the food was really awesome, it took another solid 30 mins before we saw our server again to get our check. This place prides itself on not making eye contact in order to avoids wondering what their guests want.

Lisa M.

Normally I shy away from giving a restaurant a low rating, I feel like I need to try again before doing that yet who wants to try a place you didn't like much again. But, here I am giving Jinya one star and it feels warranted because I did try them again plus once for take-out and my opinion didn't change, in fact worsened each time because how hard can some of these things be to get right and that is not me being picky. Plus is it that hard to be polite. The food is fine, Tonkotsu Black is the best despite it never being piping hot when it comes out and some may even say luke warm depending on your preference. I think when the broth hits the noodles it cools it down considerably. There are other ramen bars that make their own noodles but have an entire process on how to warm the noodles without compromising temperature or depth of flavor when they add broth. The small bites are small and fine also, nothing amazing but tasty enough. The location is small with outdoor seating but nice with the fireplace In the middle however expect a wait, we waited about 40 minutes each time including the take out. The thing that really gets me is the horrid service, it's slow especially considering that the menu tells you that you can order more noodles or broth to add on to your ramen when you are ready which will come out hot yet the timing does not work out, that is even if they acknowledge you. I watched the party of three next to me send their server back three times because she wouldn't stay long enough to ask if they needed anything else, and one if the dishes they brought out was the wrong one. Perhaps you can explain all this away by saying it's because of masks, Covid, being short handed, etc. Sure, maybe But I decided to put this review after my take out experience this weekend. I was early to pick up and after checking in with the hostess to confirm my order I waited for it to be ready. They didn't seem super busy but still had a steady stream of people. My promised time came and went, checked in again knowing the attitude I'd get - basically why are you asking, I'll call your name. Well, she didn't call my name yet had given my order to someone else. I saw a guy return his take out bag saying he got the wrong order. She corrected him and he was on his way. Next she called my name giving that bag to me. When I asked if she just did that she said no, she is throwing that away and this is mine which just became ready. Figured I got it wrong, asked if she had added the hot sauce and sides I ordered which she assured me she did in a way that seemed I was bothering her, whatever. When I got home of course I see that the other customer had to have had my bag which he had driven away with then returned. The order was clearly opened probably to see if this is what he had ordered, one of my side orders was missing pieces maybe he was hungry, and I didn't have all the sides after all or hot sauces I paid for. Now, I hate paying for sauces but if you want to charge then I have to pay if I want it but don't give them out for free to others who just ask that leaves a bad impression but especially don't make someone pay for it then tell them they got everything when they didn't. Needless to say with COVID and the general poor handling of this situation I am done with Jinya. It should never be okay to give food someone walked away with to someone else but especially not with community spread diseases but especially when your website says the process is contactless. I settled for toast and cheese that night with my entire order being thrown away. There are great ramen spots around I just have to drive further for it which is fine. This is definitely not worth it. The best thing they have is their seasoned egg and my extra order of this was mysteriously not there. Fail.

Mike B.

Food is actually very very good! I loved sitting outside and the set up. The check in host is not kind AT ALL! in fact I told my wife I may never go back because of her. My wife likes to go there with friends for girls night and usually brings me food back because it's amazing. We decided to go there on our Anniversary... Mistake! If I do go back, it will be take out and my wife mentioned she probably won't be back because of her. She did speak to management and they did accommodate us after. But what happened should have never happened.

Paul J.

I have an unsteady relationship with Ramen. The pork broth can be greasy, I really don't like hard-boiled eggs, ramen noodles are generally pretty terrible for you. That said, this place is awesome!!! So delicious. I can never order anything but the Shrimp Wonton Ramen with the big noodles because I am hopelessly addicted to it but I swear I will try the vegan ramen next time. My buddy is vegan and ordered it and it looked incredible. I have been trying to wean myself off the animal-based diet in order to keep from dying and I think this is a good place to start! Plus, they have beers and wines and the staff is friendly, attentive and generally awesome! Love this place!

Mark Ballou

Love/Hate - This is a local restaurant for us. We like the food, and the outdoor seating is really nice. However, online orders are rarely correct, even simple orders can take upwards of 1.5 hrs to be made, and it’s nearly impossible to get someone on the phone.


Good food and great service. Had no complaints :)Came in with a group of friends and had a good time.

Zach S

Not the best but absolutely solid ramen with good happy hour drink prices.I get the tonkotsu black here and would say the broth is on par with or better than a lot of ramen bars in Little Tokyo. The broth isn’t as salty as some places and has a really great almost creamy taste.The chashu is fantastic and melts in your mouth like ice cream on a hot summer day albeit it was quite salty. They also served me some of the best eggs I’ve ever had in a ramen, just soft enough on the border of gooey bursting with umami.The outdoor seating has a really great ambiance and would be a place I could see hanging out at.That said, seating is quite limited which makes you feel bad for overstaying and causes order/wait times to be pretty bad. The prices are also a tad high for a bowl of ramen.

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