Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

509 N Hollywood Way, Burbank
(818) 953-2831

Recent Reviews

R. Prather Ray

Every time I’ve gone to this franchise the chicken is hot and delicious. One thing, check your bag. Sometimes the employees will give you thighs, when you have requested breast pieces and paid for breast pieces.

Jael C.

This Popeyes is great, it's very clean, probably the cleanest I've been too. I came here on a Wednesday around 3pm and it wasn't packed at all. And the customer service was great as well.

Dmitrij Gorbacsov

Good chicken sandwich and apple pie. Service is lacking in customer appreciation. A lot of items are not available on multiple occasions.

Deon Eason

Delighted to receive fast efficient service before closing. I enjoy this location and the staff as well. Thank you!

Karl Dahlquist

This place is okay if you get a freshly made batch of chicken...but sometimes you end up with pieces that have been sitting for a while. It is hard to understand why a chicken restaurant doesn't have chicken ready to serve their customers during peak times.


Loved the spicy sandwiches ?


Maybe some people have feelings about a bad piece of chicken here and there or customer service both of which I’ve never experienced myself, but besides that this might be in the running for the cleanest safest popeyes in human history and that alone deserves 5 stars

Jidorea A. Woods

Pretty fast and friendly service

Andre Glenn

I came to order some red beans and rice and biscuits and coleslaw got back ?- order Count was off. I called back up there talk to one of the ladies -she said no I’m not a manager what’s going on I told her what was going on she said no problem I gotcha came back fix the order nothing was said ?? see great customer service is not dead. thank you ladies ?????

Rene Seville

They are quick, friendly and serve up the crispy yummy goodness!!

Susan Brown

This is the second time in a row that I ordered a take out combo from the Hollywood Way location in Burbank that the biscuit was a hockey puck. It’s not that important to the meal, but I won’t be purchasing from that location again.

Adan A Carrero

Buen servicio al cliente muy rico

Brei B.

The worst customer service I have ever witnessed and personally had. Sprite, sweet tea AND coke was out of order. The girl ( puff ball hairstyle) helping me was super slow with everything she did and was not nice and was not welcoming. She would put her hand in the cup when picking them up. And laughed when someone informed her the sweet tea machine was empty. I accidentally spilled some soda because I missed my step And some other lady with short hair just looked at it so I cleaned it up. She had no care in the world about safety. She was not going to help me either even though she was right by me. When I asked for extra cocktail sauce I was told." Next time you need to ask for it when you order." Horrible horrible horrible. All employees on 9/20/21 need to be written up.

Jose P.

The GM at this store is unprofessional, argumentative, and rude. First- she was rude to her employee who greeted us and asked us if we needed time or were ready to order. She told her employee in a condescending voice that she had customers at the countertop . Fast forward to after the purchase, we weren't told that the ice machine was out. Then, we try the soda but it's flat, so we try another and flat, so we stand in line to change our drink order but by then someone else had complained so here comes the GM pours some into the cup and judges us for crazy because the cup had bubbles, she pours it out and she is asked to try it and let it sit for more than a few seconds so that she could see it became flat but she wanted to argue instead of correcting the problem. She needs to be retained on customer service. Wait there is more!! She walks away and comes out with a bucket of ice and pours into the machine so there is ice now' and guess what the soda has a good amount of gas. What did she do to fix the problem? Well nothing she would admit to because she came out to show me a picture of the gas gage on the Soda machine- needless to say she was ready to argue no matter what the situation was

Breeana Y.

I cannot emphasize on how bad of customer service this Popeyes location is!!! When I say they had the nerve to tell me that you need to tell me If you want the chicken fresh and I questioned the fact as it should be fresh regardless. Worst customer service I have ever experienced did not accommodate what's so ever. This is sad will never come again. Employees were horrible

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