1520 W Olive Ave, Burbank
(818) 558-6923

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Mari S

I love getting drinks that aren't on the menu. The workers are very nice and they never reject if you ask them to make something outside their menu!

Michael K.

I used to come to this Starbucks sometimes back in the day when i worked in Glendale. This location always have lots of foot traffic. Usually its a pain in the ass to find parking. People bring their pets here, and its a fairly large location. Usually i order a Tall regular coffee with cream and sugar. Or the Tall Iced Green Tea sweetened or unsweetened for 5 bucks. Always have a good staff working here. Its a happy community.

Sean S.

This is a large Starbucks making it easy to be socially distant when placing an order and waiting for your drink. Plenty of space outside and since this has parking only for the Starbucks, it makes it easier to get in and out with your car. No drive thru, but thats okay. Staff were very friendly and the drinks were made quickly.

Sl0Thb0y 32

It's a spectacular place to get drinks. I especially like the pink drink it's a drink that has actual strawberries on it ?

Gajan F.

Don't go to this Starbucks. Came in at 1:15 pm for frap and barista who was making drinks touched her hair 3 times while making drinks and NEVER washed her hands after touching hair. Completely unsanitary and disgusting. Had to get my money back. This happened on 3 different visits ... Same barista. Never again this Starbucks. This Starbucks has been going downhill since hiring new Baristas.

CHRIS Carnage

This branch has nice portraits to distract you from thoughts of death and destruction. Coffee is just coffee to me. I like my coffee like I like my women. Filled with darkness. Hahaha!

Kara Holmes

Do I really need to type out how I feel about Starbucks? Lol. Drive thru was quick and they got my order right per usual with some odd modifications which is always appreciated!


This is my favourite Starbucks, it has a great little terrace looking out onto Olive avenue.


I would like to Thank Sofi for her incredible customer service. I had a Celebration of life for our mother and planned this from out of state. Sofi ? was so sympathetic to my emotional state after losing my mother. She was kind enough to advice me on the amount of Coffee necessary, she also was able to give me the distance from her Starbucks location to my venue. Not often do you find beautiful gracious people that go over and beyond. Sofi was so precious she greeted me with a Sympathy Card and a beautiful Pot with Gerber daisies it brought tears to my eyes the day I landed and paid for my order.I hope Sofi gets the recognition she deserves for representing this company so perfectly. The coffee was amazing and we are a huge Starbucks coffee drinkers. Go Sofi ???... thank you again.

Richard Z.

The service here is usually unremarkable (that is to say not good, not bad) but on this morning she seemed to be in a not so good mood. She wasn't mean, but she seemed to be in a hurry and not care. The real kicker though and what prompted this review is the quality of my London Fog - it tasted like dirty water which may have been because I got it with three shots of espresso and did not adjust the number of Vanilla shots - all fine and well, I could live with it and i've had worse. What sucked was there was no milk foam. Why no milk foam? Now here's where I bring it back full circle - the woman in the not-so-great mood is the person that put the lid and handed me my drink. She must've seen there was no milk foam. I'm telling y'all - that milk foam makes a three star difference. It's magical.


Staff is always friendly and the service is always quick

Kei Mitsu

Very friendly partners especially Lanie when I was there

Courtney Gerald

They gave me the wrong drink. I didn't realize this until I had left.

Ana M.

This is what you'll get if you order venti coffee frappe with mocha drizzle through ubereats. This was disgusting. Never again.

Tootsie Perez

Won't make my drinks until I pay the 20 cents. Do I get a bag with that too?!Not saying I wouldn't pay the 20 cents, but at least make the drinks while I run out to car.

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