Little Lucca

1809 El Camino Real, Burlingame
(650) 697-8389

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Durty D.

Everyone loves sandwiches from here. They're the size of a bodybuilder's forearm, or maybe your calf. The garlic spread will stay on your breath for the remainder of the day. I'm an old soul and love that they have liverwurst. For bread, Dutch Crunch is a fave but I find it harder to eat so I get the soft roll. I'm a pig and eat both halves in one sitting but most people save the other half for dinner or another day. Enjoy!

Sameh Mohamed

Oh man one of the best sandwich I ever had, I didn't finished its monster with super fresh and homemade dressing, this place deserves 10 stars

Alexis G.

I have been coming here for 20 years but hadn't been for about 4-5 years, wow has it changed, such a bummer as I used to love coming here. ! The staff is not nearly as friendly as they used to be (so rude and condescending), they do absolutely no customization for their sandwiches such as, only wanting mustard on half... considering how large these sandwiches are, you would think they would let you make customizations since more than likely you are sharing it with someone. To top it all off, its $17 for ONE SANDWICH! Thats insane!!!! Hop on over to Lunardis right next door, better service, great sandwiches, and much lower price.

Nishant Verma

Little Lucca is one of my favorite sandwich shops in the area. Their subs are delicious and huge in size! It can easily feed you two meals. Their staff is great, kind and fast in service. If you ask, they will give you great sandwich recommendations and are able to customize the way you want them. I visited their shop for the 1st time during covid and appreciated their attention to customer safety and well being.

Sara V.

If you're from the east coast, you'll feel right at home. Everything from the energy to the fast-paced orders to the ginormous sandwiches. A lot of bread, a lot of meat, a lot of veggies, and a lot of cheese! As a New Yorker living on the west coast, I'm happy that my local friend recommended this. I got a simple pastrami on Rye that was the size of my cat. I mumble a lot so I appreciate that the folks at the counter can actually hear me. They pay great attention to detail haha.

Helena C.

Haven't been here since before the pandemic. They remodeled the place. You walk in and see the counter and sandwich stations on the left. Further down on the left is the cold case for food. Straight back is where you see the drinks. They have markers taped on the floor for social distancing but people aren't following it. Saw people ordering without masks. They don't have their old menu on the wall. They just have paper printout to look at the menu with prices marked out by the sandwich stations. The station is tall enough where you can't see over it. I like the old set up where you have the glass and you can see people making your sandwich. Also allowed you the ability to see if they put an ingredient you didn't want. They don't have Apple Pay. $22.50 for 2 roast beef sandwiches with cheese. Prices went up.

Richard Tromblay

I absolutely love this place! Every time I come into town I stop here and get a sandwich. Best place to get a great sandwich for a decent price!! ??

Elaine Y.

Little Luca's is delicious and so worth it - a couple sandwiches is all you need to feed a small army. This was an introduction for my parents, who hilariously suggested we order 3 sandwiches for the 4 of us. I talked them down to 2 and even then, each of us consumed maybe just over 1/3 of a sandwich? Granted, we did have a salad and other snacks to accompany the meal which helped fill us up sooner. We tried the Chipotle Bird and Fire Roasted Beef. Both were absolutely delectable but I preferred the Chipotle Bird because all the flavors just worked so well together from the ample turkey to the sweet onions and all the accoutrements, like pickles and fire roasted peppers. This sandwich overall was also "less wet" (sorry, soggy bread just isn't my jam). The flavors of the fire roasted beef were on point though - just not as nice to hold. I loved the unctuous beef and the chimichurri cut it perfectly! We called in our order and it was ready in a very speedy 10-15. It might not have the charm of the original but the Burlingame location will be just as good!

Geno D.

Worst experience every PAYING CUSTOMER should always be right.... More so when they start speaking Spanish over my sandwich to where I can't understand ill never be back here!!

Karen L.

I had high expectations for Little Lucca because of all the great Yelp reviews. I will say, their sandwiches are the largest sandwiches I have ever seen. You could literally feed 2-3 people with one sandwich. But they do not come without a price. I think we paid about $15 per sandwich. The sandwiches themselves were just okay. I got the wild turkey sandwich and my husband got the rotisserie chicken bacon ranch sandwich. Both sandwiches were on Dutch crunch bread. Both sandwiches were soggy and dripping with sauce. It was really messy to eat and it wasn't the phenomenal sandwich I was hoping to have. Maybe I was just letdown because of my high expectations...bummer!

Dina B.

The Burlingame spot is one of the best deli sandwiches. They are so big that it is for 2 meals They are fast and courteous. They are so popular you should order ahead of time. If your first time look over the menu because it is so huge

Justin D.

These sandwiches are the size of a newborn baby. Can't be mad at the price either. $19 for a sandwich that's bog enough for two meals, a bag of chips and a bottle of sparkling mineral water. I'm more of an Italian combo type of person and it was my first time here and everyone was raving about the Chipotle bird, so I got that. It has good flavor and the Dutch crunch is massssssive. I honestly prefer the sandwiches at grand market deli in San bruno, but I have yet to try the Italian combo at little Luccas, so my rating may change.

Korina Y.

BBQ Tri Tip sandwich is so HUGE here with my favorite Dutch Crunch bread. Beef is so tender soft and their famous aioli garlic sauce goes well together with rest of the fixings , lettuce /tomatoes /mayo /red onions. This did not disappoint:-) Service : super quick, efficient and nice. Parking : ample at the shopping center . Nice selections of chips ( Deep River etc... ) and drinks ( they carry my favorite Mexican sodas , Jarritos ) and Sanpellegrino drinks ( also my favorite).

Jennifer Zaragoza

My friend couldn’t go to sleep because of how excited she was to try the sandwhich. We had waited an entire year to try this sandwich. Finally, the day came! We were super happy. We enetered the store and showed them a picture of the super delicious looking sandwhich we wanted. We got it and drove all the way to a park to enjoy this luxurious food. We sat at a bench, unwrapped it, and took a bite. We looked at each other in disappointment but we didn’t want to give up yet. We took a second bite and all I could think of was salt... saltiest sandwhich I have tasted in my entire life. Make a sandwhich at home and dump an entire container of salt and you won’t be able to tell the difference. Disgusting. Never again. Ruined my day. The donuts we had after weren’t even that good either. Bye :(

Pinkal Tandel

The chicken I got in my sandwich was so raw and I had to throw it away since I would have to go back all the way to their sandwich shop to show it to them. Upon calling I couldn’t get a hold of anyone. Whenever they mess up, they don’t admit it themselves and it just wasted my time.

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