Marufuku Ramen

4828 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(510) 823-2416

Recent Reviews

Diddy Pritzel

Best ramen ever. Order the sake glass and they give you more in a cube cedar(?) box, very weird but awesome…

Annie Chen

The spicy chicken Dan Dan men was amazing. I've never seen this dish anywhere else.Street parking is free after 6. Really cute place.


Great authentic ramen. Make sure you try out their daily special, you may have to come earlier before they run out. Great alternative to going to Japan town. Parking can be challenging to plan accordingly. You will check in at the front. Staffs wear masks if that’s something you concern about. The bao and the ramen with chicken thigh is my favorite

Haley L.

3.5/5 I've never been to the SF location but honestly I don't really feel the need to. The ramen always hits the spot but isn't the best ramen I've ever had. The broth is so rich, creamy but lacks flavor in my opinion. I got the hakata tonkotsu ramen mild but added more chili powder in the end. The bowl looks deceivingly small but there is soo much noodles in that bowl. I was stuffed but so satisfied. My bf and I also got the chicken bites and it was pretty much a karage bun with yummy sauces. It was a good appetizer but filled us up. I went on a Tuesday a little before 7pm and was seated right away since they're doing both indoor and outdoor dining. When I left at 8pm, there was a lot more people waiting.

Sean L.

What more needs to be said about iconic MF? Nothing beats the hot & cold of a rich broth-full of ramen and Sapporo on draft. My hot take -- the Paitan is far superior to the Tonkotsu ramen, which is way too buttery. Paitan has a light, playful yet extremely rich, creamy tasting soup base. It's dark magic. The DX gets you a giant grilled leg which is a bonus. Hands down the best ramen place in the Bay Area. Just make sure to waitlist yourself beforehand.

Roy Sorvari

Really good food and the staff was cheerfull. They were always there to help me or answer questions. They also kept my glass full which for me is important.

Sol C.

The chicken paitan ramen was excellent! I tend to order pork based ramens but I'm so glad I tried the chicken at Marufuku. The broth was delicate but still richly flavorful. The chicken breast was so soft and juicy. The egg was perfectly soft boiled! This was a most satisfying meal.

Bobby Lange

excellent customer service and extremely accommodating to our guest who ended up arriving late after his food had arrived. our waiter offered to make a brand new bowl of ramen. he went above and beyond to make our experience wonderful

Angel L.

I've been here a couple times over the years: I've tried the pork, chicken paitan, and also the deluxe combo with the chicken thigh. RAMEN -Broth is decent; pretty creamy -Eggs are yolky sometimes -Love the customization of spicy level -Noodles can be firmer The chicken leg is pretty good and smells so good when they carry it out. Usually the wait time is pretty long (they are doing both indoor and outdoor dining right now June 2021). I think overall the ramen is okay and overhyped (I actually prefer Izza also on Telegraph for ramen). I've had better broth and better texture ramen before.

Damon L.

Marufuku is one of those places where you wonder why it took you so long to try! A small group of us had arranged a triple date over a month ago. We arrived early around 5:45pm to beat the crowd. Luckily, there was plenty of seating both indoor and out at the time. We opted for one of the booths inside. Note: Marufuku really started getting busy around 7pm. I was soo set on ordering a Hakata Tonkotsu DX as Hakata style ramen is one of my favorites but the little text "Limit 15 bowls per day" next to the Chicken Paitan DX sold me (and pretty much the rest of our group). We ordered 4 Chicken Paitan DX, 1 Chicken Paitan, 1 Hakata Tonkotsu and a pitcher of Sapporo. Beer - the glasses were chilled and the beer was nice and cold. Not much to say here. I forgot how nice it is to sit down to eat and drink with a group (with the lifted COVID restrictions)! Chicken Paitan DX - The main difference between the regular and DX Paitan is the chicken leg, nori and corn. The chicken leg was very flavorful although a bit on the salty side, which is expected. The best part was the tender chicken breast in the ramen. The broth and tender chicken breast absorbed so much flavor! I usually don't care for chicken ramen. The broth is usually bland and the chicken dry. This bowl made me a believer! I can't wait to come back here and make my way through this menu. Next up is the Hakata Tonkotsu!

Carolyn S.

#nofilter needed! This ramen tasted top notch (and was absolutely gorgeous.) The broth wasn't overly salty, all the ingredients felt fresh, and the spice level was perfect. Both the indoor and outdoor seating are nice. It took about 20 minutes to get a table on a Monday night. Overall amazing service & food.

Mario Wright

Very good ramen. Their broth packed a lot of flavor. We'll definitely be back.


Very, very tasty. I had the chicken paitan DX (with the added ramen ingredients and the grilled chicken leg on the side). I knew I wasn't going to be able to eat everything in one go, but my stomach wanted to! The broth was fantastic, I loved the extra grilled chicken, and there was such a delightful variety of flavors added to the bowl. Our server was also super nice! Definitely looking forward to returning.

Brandon C.

An established ramen destination - worth the praise? Yes, absolutely! Was here on a Saturday evening 6:30 PM - not a long wait for a party of 3. Ordered the Hakata Tonkotsu ramen comprising of Chasu (simmered pork belly), a whole seasoned soft boiled egg, kikurage mushrooms and a sprinkle of bean sprouts. The broth was a rich, flavorful pork bone/ marrow blend with a fullness of distilled pork essence. A smidgen of sliced pink ginger lightens both the broth yet tickles the balance between richness and the overpowering wealth of flavors. The kikurage wood ear mushrooms adds texture and snaps of a bite to the noodles and Chasu. Noodles were portioned just right for a serving - texture was not overly chewy, stringy or flimsy but was not extravagant or extraordinary either. Overall this bowl was warming and hits the right notes of what one ought to expect from the menu - the soft boiled egg was perfectly cooked with a bright juicy yolky moving interior swarming straight into your mouth as it dissipates into the oral aether. Green onions and bean sprouts presents contrast to the other dense elements of the dish - and are much desirable as an addition to the side! A wondrous delight - a must try and definitely one to have again!

Sandy H.

I ordered the Hakata Tonkotsu and had it delivered for dinner. I was really impressed with how everything for the ramen was packaged and labeled in a way that was easy to assemble. I had to try the pork broth before mixing in the spice and it was super rich and flavorful. The broth was a tad fatty and greasy for me but that just adds to the richness of the broth? The chashu pork and soft boiled egg were cooked and seasoned perfectly. Overall, it was one of the best ramen I've had to date!

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