2005 11th St, Sacramento
(916) 382-9722

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I came there for my 49th birthday. Food was good and inexpensive. I had the BBQ platter. The service was great. My only mishap was the flies I had to fight the entire time. Perhaps they should invest in those nets to cover the outside tables.

Alyson T.

Hands down best fried chicken in Sacramento. Comes with an amazing biscuit alongside honey butter and greens. I'm not a greens fan so I sub with a different vegetable but that's just my personal preference. My husband loves the greens. I've had many other dishes and I've loved them all, too.

Darrian Deilami

Great food, amazing fried chicken!

bob h.

Got a chicken sandwich to go, walked 3 blocks, ate it. It was room temperature, nothing special. It wasn't bad,, wasn't noteworthy. Fries were barely warm, hopelessly over-salted. I had maybe 20% of 'em, because to the extent that I could taste them w. all the salt, they tasted like they were cheap, had been frozen. I love to support local businesses, but not when the prices are not low, quality and attention to detail are.

Chelsea N.

Really amazing gem in downtown Sacramento. A co worker suggested it and I fell in love. The people who work there were so kind and their corn bread is to die for. Please absolutely try the corn bread it's amazing. The brisket was just ok but the Mac and cheese was so yummy!

Big P.

Stopped in for lunch on a Friday. Being off the beaten path parking wasn't much of a problem compared to downtown. Don't usually eat soul food for lunch because of the Itis but had been wanting to try this place out. Menu is stacked with all of the southern favorites. I settled on the catfish and red beans and rice, and man did I score. Catfish was perfectly seasoned and lightly fried. I may have left it on another minute or two but I like a little crisp on mine. Red beans were okay and I may recommend a better rice to pair with the beans. Perhaps a basmati or jasmine. Service was awesome and owner made the rounds. Wish they didn't have the outside seating though. Serving the outside patrons, gave the flies refuge from the 100 degree heat inside. Meal was great though and I will be back to run through the menu.

Genie e.

Fired chickens, still good but a little dry this time. Mac and no cheese was dry, no taste and no cheese. I had to re-cook it and add more cheese to it. Fettuccine jambalaya was way way way too salty! Couldn't eat it without cooking up some pasta to put it in there.


Great first experience. We had the fettuccine jambalaya pretty spicy good kick to it. Bucket of fried Nashville chicken, with mashed potatoes and max and cheese.

Asia Mapp

Food was delicious. I ordered the shrimp and grits and they held the sausage for me. (I don't eat pork). The service was good and the food came quickly. We sat outside and although there were some flies out, it wasn't too bad. Would def come back and recommend.

Brandy Labrie

Really good food and service. It was the art for me

Andy A.

Fn Delicious! Must try! This place never disappoints and friendly staff as well!!! I would recommend this place to anybody

Hai L.

Located in Southside Park, South is contemporary Southern cuisine that is heavy on seasonable vegetables and driven by historical inspiration. Here at South, you can expect traditional family doos, unpretentious, with no gimmicks and no crazy science. They express their love in cuisines that are passed on from one generation to another. Good home cooked food. I love their fried chicken which is very crispy, juicy, and flavorful.

Kent C.

Fried chicken - dried up chicken meat, but the biscuit with sweet butter that came on the side was very good. BBQ plater - the meat was very dry, we gave up and left half of it on the plate. Fried catfish - very good, would get it again. Mac 'n cheese that came as side to two of the dishes we got was good, both kids and adults enjoyed it. Sweet tea was decent and not too sweet. Service was good but there were flies in the restaurant which I thought they should have address such issue with various equipments to prevent or resolve the problem.

Mari R.

Food is always delicious, I love that they change the menu the staff is always friendly it's always busy, it's worth the wait I love supporting a mom and pop place I recommend banana pudding delicious

Sean Twomey

It has a nice atmosphere. I did take out. Green beans Not completely cooked...not the southern style I am used to.. Mac and cheese...ok, better than most. That white bread took me back...BBQ sauces were good. Pulled pork was good. Good sausages...jambalaya fettuccine authentic and well done. I do hate when the shrimp has the tails though. Pecan pie...uhh..ok. Red beans and rice was ok...

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