E.A.T Marketplace

28410 Old Town Front St, Temecula
(951) 694-3663

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Julie M.

This place is the culinary gem of temecula. Leah the owner is the real deal. She truly sources locally grown organic food. Supports the community and brings a sophisticated palette to a growing community thirsting for more. Do you pay more? For sure. Expect it. But how can you not? The price is appropriate for what's being served and is truly a culinary art. If I want a fast cheap burger that tastes good I know where to go.... but if i want locally sourced, quality and organic cuisine to enjoy in a posh yet casual atmosphere, this is the spot. They've got it down to an art. The city I truly lucky to have this place call temecula home. Owner hires employees using her own equity metric and invests in the people she brings on. It's almost unheard of for a place to do the kind of work to better her community while serving authentic, delicious and healthy food. It's my go to spot for a girls lunch out or a one on one dining experience with one of my kids or my husband. Love this place and everything it stands for.

Patrick W.

This place is a Gem in the Temecula Valley. It gets extremely busy given its healthy brunch options and out of this world popularity around the Temecula old-winery area, so keep that in mind when coming to this establishment. But...With that said... this is a must stop for brunch. I great place for the group of the ladies who will be dressing up in their summer dresses and venturing out to the wineries for a nice Saturday or Sunday afternoon enjoying the rolling winery hills of Temecula. This place is a great stop for a light breakfast and those awesome mimosa's...Just dont stay too long a lot of people want to enjoy The EAT! So do not mind the wait, or the crowd, it is WELL worth it! I recommend the Keto menu items, which are exceptionally healthy, for those of you looking to stay fit and active. Please disregard the individuals who complain and give poor remarks about the EAT... This place is awesome. ~Safe travels

Douglas B.

Food was fresh and delicious. Exactly what we were looking for. It's the kind of healthy wholesome food that's also absolutely delicious. Aside from the amazing food, I wanted to share how wonderful the owner (Leah) and the staff were, during our visit last Sunday. Mistakes in orders can and will happen from time to time when you go out to eat anywhere, but what really sets apart this place from others is how well they handled the mistake. There was apparently some miscommunication with the person taking the order and the kitchen regarding the availability of french toast on the menu. This unfortunately caused the food to be delayed around 50 minutes. My 8-year-old son had to wait for his food while the other dishes had already come out. Leah personally came out to apologize and did everything she could to make it right. And she did just that. The kitchen staff then personally brought out our order when it was ready, and apologized for the mistake. I was truly blown away at how they just owned up to the mishap, and made us feel so welcome. You can tell Leah and the staff all take pride in their work and food. This is the kind of place I would continue to support. Thank you Leah and the team. We'll be back soon. p.s. my son said the french toast was "worth the wait" :)

Fred L.

We stopped by on the way to wine tasting. We ordered through Yelp, and picked it up on the way. It was ready right on time. I had the BLTA. The bread was soft and tasty, and the other elements came together really well except the bacon, which was a bit too salty. It crowded out the other flavors. Despite the quibble, I look forward to trying their other sandwiches.

Jarek J Rivas R.

Great place for food in the heart of my beautiful home town. This was my first visit to EAT Marketplace and the restaurant deserves its Extraordinary Artisan Table name! They serve locally sourced farm to table dishes. We ordered plant based burrito in a bowl and EAT burger. Everything was fresh, well seasoned, and very delicious. I will be going back for more as they have lots of food to choose from!

Cody Atterbury

This place is the best breakfast spot in town. It’s not even close. Healthy, local, fresh ingredients. Amazing taste and creativity. The owners are amazing (3 sisters I believe - have experienced each of their kindness and customer service in different ways you don’t see other places).Desiree is awesome. She is the baker extraordinaire. She noticed I was trying to get a variety of colored donuts for my 4 year old daughter’s tea party...she said if I could wait 15 minutes she could make me additional other flavors to make it even better. What!!I’m a LIFER!

Sarah Milligan

Adorable place. Food was amazing, the shop was adorable.. every item has a story. Owner wS a delight to meet! I wish I had one at home!

Bernadette Lansberry

Loved this place! Great food. Had a salad it was delicious. Bought a macrame necklace with a quartz crystal in it. I wish they had one in Arizona.

N F.

Such a great find! Randomly stumbled on this place and so glad we did. They have a lot of delicious fresh food, artisan treats, coffee, pastries, salads, cheeses, spices, sauces, nut butters, chocolate, and wine. I'm vegan but the friends I was with are not so it was perfect because they have something for everyone. The vegan burrito was one of the best burritos I've ever had and the vegan donuts were mind-blowing!!

Earl R.

1/2 of our food never came out and everyone around us that was seated after got their food before us. Total after complaining and asking about our food we wanted over an hour... we were offered dessert on the house which was useless because we were already disappointed with the pricing, flavor and wait time. They do not do not do refunds so make sure not to visit this place unless you want tasteless food and long wait time

Joshua C.

Menu was not diverse. Restaurant was in complete chaos and disarray. Had no organization whatsoever and staff were not trying to control the mess. I walked out before even ordering. I wanted a calm dining experience, not a madhouse.

M J.

Staff seems friendly and welcoming but they are inaccurate with the orders and the speed of service is horrible. Our bill was $100 for 5 people... 3 meals came out and no one ever came back to check on us. Everyone around us got their food before us and still no one checked on our food. Asked a server on an update on our order and said "yes we are working on it" after another 20mins we walked up to the counter just to be asked "what was your order again?" IF YOU ARE WORKING ON MY ORDER THEN WHY DO I HAVE TO SAY IT BACK TO YOU??????? Very disappointed we had very high expectations for this place and not coming back. Please don't fooled by the text on the menu... food is pretty bland... coffee deserves some stars but because the entire experience was horrible, I give no stars.

Catherine B.

This is such a cute little eatery/marketplace. I luckily got there just before they closed at 3 pm. The staff were all so friendly and the service was wonderful. They have a number of vegan items on their menu, and I ordered the banh mi plant wrap to go. The donuts were recommended, so I wandered over to the bakery counter and snagged the last Rocky Road donut. The staff member at that counter offered me a sample of a vegan shake he had just whipped up with strawberries, oat milk, and Van Leeuwen ice cream. So yummy! While I waited for my order, which took about 10-15 minutes, I happily roamed through the market area to look at all the goods on display, while sipping on my refreshing lemonade. My intention was to save this meal for later, so I put the food in a cooler bag in my trunk, hoping for the best in the 95° weather. I actually didn't end up eating the wrap for another 5 hours. I opened the box and the wrap was enormous! It came with a mixed green salad and both held up very well. The wrap, with cucumber, carrot, cabbage, pickled red onion, cilantro, spiked mayo, and blackened tofu, was delicious. The salad was simple but great too, and I felt very healthy afterwards. And quite stuffed. Not enough to stop me from eating half the donut as well! I'm not a huge fan of dark chocolate, but the marshmallow gave it a lovely sweetness. I wouldn't say it was a typical light and airy donut texture, but more like a cake or brownie. Very good though, and I enjoyed the other half when I got home. I can't wait to come back again as I also want to try the plant-based breakfast burrito and the yam+tahini burger.

Steven Cordrey

Amazing, food. And n incredible staff.A true 5 star

granola grammy

Options for everyone in the family. Great food, awesome presentation. Support small business and EAT at this amazing restaurant.

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