Hot Rod Diner

130 S Walnut Rd, Turlock
(209) 669-3500

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Tina N.

Lauren, before you spewing lies. You should check yourself. I sat and watched you socializing with the card players and I can almost bet they were NOT buying food for their families while they were playing cards. The Hispanic lady behind the counter saw you do that and looked at me and was wondering when you were going to take my order. I saw you seat people after I came in , you didn't even give me a menu you looked at me several times like I'm supposed to be waiting on your ass. I gave you the benefit of the doubt but now I have no doubt you are a POS I will go elsewhere. Tell your boss your good deed in losing customers. You don't work at HOOTERS anymore. You don't need to entertain the men.

Jessica U.

( For the people who are going to complain about this review being way too rude, that's what Yelp is for. I still left a tip & tried to finish food that I knew i was gonna pay for. If you are in a please customer business take criticism and make things better for future clients.) How to describe this restaurant with out sounding so rude. This place is a complete joke. I have yet to have another dinning experience quiet like this one ( that isn't a good thing.) we came for breakfast this morning since Black bear was super busy and seeing that the reviews had 4 stars we decided to give it a go. Wow what a mistake. Let's start with the restaurant it's self. I understand that COVID restrictions have been lifted but let's be honest we're still not 100% in the clear, you think they would take that into consideration when jamming the room full of people and having so many open tables that the table next to you is back to back. Yea I would much prefer to pull my chair out with out having to squeeze next to the table and feeling like your on top of each other. I quickly asked to move to a booth which thankfully they were more than happy to accommodate for us. No staff is wearing a mask or evening trying to distance. No hand sanitizer and tables only being wiped with rags from other tables with out re dipped into a solution. Leaving the front doors of the restaurant open is by far the worst mistake any restaurant can make especially when there is no air fan by the front door to keep flys out. They are located in The Valley so flys are everywhere but me having to shoo flys away from my food is so horrible and annoying. All the servers were friendly but everyone looks so rushed that you start realizing food safe habits fly right out the door. Having the waitress hair look like it's flying all over the place isn't the best. Having them constantly touching there face(scratching there itchy noses) , fixing hair out their face or scratching there heads and going directly to grabbing toast with there bare hands (Brooke/ waitress) pop it in the toaster and once it's done grab it with the same grimy hands and plate it. Thank goodness no one at the table ordered toast. Having back of house come from behind the counter with an apron on and directly to the restroom with out removing it is gross. I really hope the health code rating to this location get reevaluate ASAP. Let talk food. Wow. What a disappointment. A huge disappointment. I really don't understand why this location is so highly rated. It's either the people who have visited this location are locals and have absolutely no tastebuds or they haven't had a good breakfast ever. We ordered multiple items off the menu. Hot rod omelette with sliced potatoes and pancakes. Waffle with bacon (asked for sausage tho) w/hash browns. Waffle with bacon eggs and American cheese(just slapped on there with no effort) French toast combo with eggs and sausage. Egg combo with pancakes sausage and hash brown. All the eggs were over cooked and flat as can be. Talk about watering down the eggs way too much. All the food that was served was cold. Pancakes were chewy and not tasty, McDonald's has better pancakes. I'm a pancake girl and for me to leave my pancakes tell you a lot of the type of establishment and the type of food there are bringing out. The sliced potatoes were oily. Waffles were cold that butter didn't even melt on them when placed. Almost 6.00$ for a cup of juice that isn't even filled, Really? Joke I tell you. Will we be returning to this establishment? Yea how about no. Not giving them another try they have been there along time they should know better. If employees don't care service is always gonna be shit. So my take away is go to McDonald's or wait for black bear.

Rodolfo Rojo

I did not order a flavorless burger but they serve it there. The service was great. I guess I came in on a bad day. Will come back give it another try. Thank you

James Diaz

Best chicken fried steak I ever had. Everything was great.

Dave Gustavson

Had a great time the breakfast was wonderful the bloody Mary's reign credible the service was excellent

Miguel Rodriguez

The food was so good just like the atmosphere and service ...excellent.

The Tipsy Gipsy

What a great diner. Food was good, staff was friendly and helpful. Such a little gem.

Lisa Andrade

What i was most impressed with was their service. I loved the communication, friendliness and just felt very welcomed. The plate I ordered was well portioned and the pricing was very reasonable. An added bonus is they haven't been sucked in to the delivery game so the food, service and pricing are catered to their customers experience.

Noah Hernandez

Been awhile since we've been there enjoyed it very much breakfast is always good here lunch is good too staff is friendly and very helpful and attentive places clean no strange odors I have the omelette with Angus beef mushrooms and onions and cheddar cheese it was fantastic hash browns well done and I had pancakes too and they were very good.

Jeffrey T.

Food could have been hotter, omelette was about as fluffy as the hash browns. The food was average if that. The waitstaff is sweet and busy. However I don't think I'd eat here again!

Barbara Nigro

Great food and awesome service.

Zugel Chavez

I love going to hot rod for breakfast their omelets are delicious and the staff is always very friendly and attentive.

Robert Palmer

Great food, they have a good staff been going there from day 1 now there in Hilmar, Ceres and Turlock. So if you're looking for good food good service it's a place for you.

Phil Shepherd

Food is delicious and plenty of it. Great atmosphere. And the service is amazing!! Would recommend all my Family and friends to go and at least try it once. I can't wait to be in the area again so I can return.

Nina J.

Terrible service. Hostess did not keep track of people waiting. They seated 5 big parties before seating just a party of 2. Once I told them why is this happening they did not care to help. There response was "you were not on the list". I acknowledge that I went inside and asked how much longer. She stated we were next but proceeded seating others. Maybe consider not lying to your customers and ignore their presence. You guys are terrible and need to do better.

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