Jamba Monte Vista Crossings

3100 Countryside Dr Ste. 100, Turlock
(209) 656-0941

Recent Reviews

Julie H

Had a great experience!

Steve Getty

I walked in and ordered. There was 3 people in the store. I stood there and waited patiently, while the place is store filled up with people. Employee starts going around asking people there order names, they get to a lady before me and ask her to go outside, then asked me to go outside. I told her I paid before all this, she still asked me to go outside. I'm walking out frustrated as I hear the other employee stick her neck out for me. Still had to wait outside. Thank you to the employee who stook up for me

Jennie Marchan

This location is great! Most employees know me by name and are always friendly.

Derek A.

I had to wait over 10 minutes just to place my order and while I was waiting to place my order for the full 10 minutes not a single drink was handout out to any customer. Then I had to wait another 10 minutes just to receive my drink.

Kent B.

One of the things that have struck me lately is the complete lack of any expression of "thanks" by so many businesses in the central valley. You go to their store. Social distance in line. Wait to be greeted. Make your payment, with no haggling. And then, instead of being given the common courtesy of a smile and a sincere "Thank you for your business", maybe a "Please come back again", you're rewarded with, at best, a neutral expression and handed your receipt. A young lady, by the name of Gabi, assisted me. I placed an order of matcha green tea blast which contains milk + soy milk, fat-free vanilla frozen yogurt, and matcha green tea. Ask her to substitute the soymilk for unsweetened almond milk. I placed a second order for açaí super-antioxidant which this smoothie contains milk + soy milk, açaí blend, strawberries, blueberries, raspberry sherbet, daily vitamin + zinc boost. I asked to substitute the milk + soy milk for almond milk and substitute the ras-sherbet for more strawberries+berries and ice to make up for sherbet that will thicken the smoothies. Gabi then tells me, "We don't do that here". Told her I've been to many Jamba, and they all substitute upon request. Eventually, she had to break down instructions with her crew member at the blend station. I honestly don't think I was making anything complicated, simply asked to substitute one ingredient for another, and was told it wasn't possible. Where is the sense of pride? Where is the feeling that what you are doing is important? Pardon my cynicism, but if you are that miserable at your job... leave and find another one. Don't make the customer feel like we're intruding on your day by coming into your store. I'll skip this location and go to a street vendor. Red flag if you're rushed to order your food and another red flag if the employees don't know what they're doing. Come here if you missed assembly line style customer service. Clumpy smoothies, and confused crew members. Nothing worth "celebrating" here at this Jamba.

Chantal C.

They definitely need more training on cleanliness . Try dropped the ice stick and instead of getting a new one just reused it. Also the whole time the girl not once washed her hands while going from washing the dishes to making my drink.

Sarah R

Razzmatazz is good

Jennifer Aguilar

Great customer service and variety of smoothies! Wish the prices would go back down. $4 for kids size (on left) & $5.50 for small 16oz.

Constance Smith

Of course who doesn't like smoothie's. It was clean and the workers were pleasant.Haven't been there in years but will go back.

joe Boss

Don't go in an order you will be waiting a long time since the process is so slow. Call your order in or order online to avoid the frustration of the wait.

Tony N.

Been coming to this location for months and have always been pleased with the service. I was always greeted by the staff and never felt like just a random customer when walking in which I really appreciated. This is a Jamba Juice that is located in one of the better parts of Turlock and in a great plaza where the Target is. There is plenty of parking and you should have no trouble finding one. I always mobile order my drink as it is MUCH faster to grab your drink that way especially when you are on a time-crunch. The mobile app is super easy to use just make sure to set the location right! My drinks are always made correctly here and on time. All the staff members are wearing mask and sanitizer is provided inside the store. During the busier times, there is a long line just to get inside the store as they are limiting customers inside by regulations. One time when I was waiting in line, the young gentleman controlling the line offered water to everyone. THAT'S GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! This is how everyone should be treated and that did not go unnoticed. Way to go Jamba Juice! My go-to order is always the White Gummi. I have had plenty of drinks here and although they are all great, I just always go back to this one. I recommend if you are looking for something with a nice blend of sweet with some tang and great freshness that will quench your thirst. I also recommend the açaí bowls here!! They are very delicious and come out perfect everytime I order.

Alexander Romero

Staff was very rude. Always a horrible experience.

Dale Carmickle

Good stuff.

Primo G.

I have to say the management in this facility is not very attentive to transaction disputes. I don't know how this facility charged my credit card twice but I was able to catch and called the store per my credit card suggestions. I spoke with store clerk the first time (8/8) and her response was she did not have access to the credit card transactions but she took my phone number and assure me she would pass the message to her manager. Two weeks later I called to follow up and no one had any idea of what was going on. Luckily the manager answer, and she assured me she would take care of the issue. Rosie lopez is the store manager, Rosie provide me with her email and asked me to send her a screen shot of the charges, which I did 5minutes after our call. Rosie also took my number and I asked her to contact me if she needed anything else and to provide me with a status. This was on 8/24 and till this day no response. Check your credit card it is easy to miss overcharges and some times it is a hassle to wait on hold and contact the appropriate people to remedy the situation. I'm sure this is not the first time this has happen and who knows how many people go on paying for something they did not consume.

Victor V.

Very happy with this store. Recently my daughter had a bad experience there. Part of it is due to this whole COVID -19 this but my daughter was crying. I called the store, spoke to a manager and they were very concerned that my daughters experience was bad. They invited my daughter down, gave her a free Jamba Juice and made her feel special. I was happy because they seemed genuine and there was even a phone follow up. Great job!!!

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