Taco Bell

390 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs
(719) 471-4151

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Terrible service with an attitude. I ordered through the app and was told there was no nacho fries for my nacho burrito which costs 3.29$, they told me they could only substitute it for chips and cheese 1.00$ or cinnamon twists also around 1.00$. I told the lady I wanted it subbed for a cheese quesadilla which is around 3.00$ and was told no. Basically they would only substitute it for stuff they didn’t have to cook so they could get the line moving (which was only 1 car behind me). Then I asked for a gift card, since I only order through the app and they didn’t even bother, just said that the location was out of gift cards without even looking. I don’t know what rush these workers were in but hopefully it was for a career fair.


Not impressed. Guy came to the register to take our order and just walked a way to help the driver thru customer. We just decided to order on the kiosk. He came back later to pretend like he wanted to help us.They also will steel your change. Because of the "change shortage". They have a sign up that states you may not get all your change. ?What a crock! How about I just don't pay all I owe???? ? That way you don't have to worry about getting your change back! ?

Angelo Cordova

The drive-thru line was too long, so I went inside to place my order. Waited for 5 minutes and still no one came to the counter to take my order. There were several other people that were waiting for their orders and had been there for 20 minutes. Will never go there again!

Cynthia Van

I ordered something last minute and they were very polite and quick.

Wayne Teenor

I edited the order in my app for No Sour Cream, which they took to mean ADD ALL THE SOUR CREAM!!!

Justin R.

Every single person who complains, ever single douche and asshole has never worked fast food and would not be able to do any better if they were actually there trying, you are the problem. This place isnt slow or fast, its average, your average customer is just entitled, its taco bell for crying out loud, expect mistakes

Laury Smith

I'm confused. I ordered online. I got a message that said to go to the drive through and announce my arrival. I did that. Then they began making the food. What was the point of that? How is that different or a time saver than just pulling up and ordering? It seemed to take even longer for them to get the food ready. Then I asked the young man for mild sauce. Apparently, that angered him because he grabbed as much as he could between his hands and thrust it at me. There was sauce packets everywhere, on the ground, inside my car, on the window ledge... we are now the proud owners of over 200 (seriously) packets of mild sauce.The food was what you would expect. No complaints there.


Polite, fast and accurate order. Food is good as usual. Employees are very polite.

Motleys Fool

They have a few new people, but they did well, just need more training. If I were to make a suggestion; dont put your new people in the FOH until they get their feet wet a bit is not good business and a common mistake. However as a former GM, Regional Manager of several businesses' over the years I handle things differently. The typical customer may be turned away or may could become irate in certain situations and its not good for those new employees and really not fair to them nor the guest.

Bryan Cronquist

Stale tortillas, can't grasp the concept of a beef burrito supposed to have beef. Not 80% rice or beans. Besides almost wiping out the grilled menu, and not having a single item I like anymore. Their quick. Mostly

Sharon A Padia

I go to Taco Bell on Union and Platte. Very friendly and good customer service. I haven't had to wait long for my order. My order is always correct as ordered. Thank you.

Jenn Bryant

I waited almost a half hour for a medium sized order. The drive-through is relatively busy so the focus was on the drive thru instead of Toys r Us inside the lobby. When I did get my food it was hot but waiting for that long for the small amount of food I had was kind of frustrating.

Naoma Howard

It's Taco Bell. You can't go wrong with Taco Bell. Service was fast and friendly, and our food was delicious.

Michelle Schaub

If I could just get everything I order AND PAY FOR! That would be amazing! Out of the last 10 times we have gotten food there has been only one time I got everything I ordered!

Lori Willey

Always super friendly at the drive thru food was yummy too!

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