231 NW 10th Ave, Gainesville
(352) 727-7604

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Just went for the first time after living in Gainesville for 4 years and it is hands down my new favorite restaurant here. Staff was awesome. Food was amazing. The building itself is adorable. 10/10 :)

Paul LePine

Defintely a few notches above a traditional breakfast/diner place, but without seeming pretentious. Interesting menu, moderate prices, relaxed vibe, indoor/outdoor seating. Clean place, courteous staff. Busy enough to know it's popular, but not so crowded that it feels cramped (we visited mid-morning on a weekday.)

Examiner 007

Wow. This place is special! What a gem ? in the middle of town. Don’t settle for a burger but instead enjoy a delicious lunch. I had the Johnny cakes. The salads were great and you can enjoy inside or out. Plenty of seating. Meeting friends is easy and plenty of parking.

Cabi Style with Leza

My first time eating here and it won’t be my last. Unique and fun atmosphere, I chose to eat outside. Tables were limited outside under the cover by 12:45 and there was a steady flow of people. I had the side salad and the BLT. The side salad had capers and dill pickles(which I don’t usually eat) and I enjoy them both. They didn’t overwhelm the salad and it was a nice change. The BLT was perfect. Tomato was yummy and lettuce perfect. So big I could only eat half. Can’t wait to try something else. Very very good and wait staff was attentive. Love the idea you get a full bottle of water and a water glass. No waiting for someone to fill your glass. A definite regular stop for me.

Timothy Yoo

Although it looks like a nice place, it ends up being a stereotypical, overpriced brunch eatery. The staff is very welcoming, but the food itself is too overpriced for what it is, and the flavor is not that impressive. I see that there is some effort, for example using citrus fruit and mint leaves with the crispy potato dish, but the mint has no real place there (just in my opinion) and the citrus was too sour. Overall, it's not the worst place to get brunch but expect to put down some dollars

Stacy W.

We stopped for a late lunch and loved everything about this place. The vibe is super cool, good is interesting and yummy and the mimosa was perfect. I highly recommend

Elizabeth D.

I love this place so much. When I graduate it will be missed! afternoon is such a hole-in-the-wall breakfast spot and I recommend it to anyone coming into town looking for a place to grab a bite. The menu is different but that's what makes it great. I ate everything on my place and it was delicious!


Nice place but we probably won't be back as they don't have a kid's menu. We always eat out with our kids so having an option for kid portions is helpful for us. Not kid-friendly menu. Food was unique and taste ok.

Katie P.

The only reason I gave Afternoon a 4 instead of a 5 is because of their seating situation. The food is absolutely amazing, and they have a lot of yummy and interesting drink options. So, onto the seating. If you are going with a group, it is really hard to find seating. Some of the staff is really nice, some are very not. I had a run-in that almost made me not come back. Went with my family after my graduation. We ordered, and I headed outside and sat down at a table. One of the workers came up to me and literally yelled at me that I wasn't allowed to save seats before I got a number. I tried to explain that my family was literally walking out with the number and she told me she would not let me sit and save the seats. It was absolutely ridiculous and humiliating that I had to stand up until my family walked out maybe 20 seconds behind me. Still got the table, but it was honestly humiliating to be spoken to that way. If the food wasn't so good, I would NEVER go back after that experience. When I have been with just one or two friends, I have never had a problem with seating.

Philip Rodriguez

The food here is great, and I specifically want to call out how perfectly cooked my over hard eggs were---not burned on the edges, and a dark-yellow, not-runny chewey yolk. Very very few places make their over hard egg this well (other places usually overcook the hell out of it!).6/6/21: 5->2 stars due to how long it takes to get the food. Placed my pickup order at 11:54am, was told of a 40 minute pickup delay, arrived at 12:42pm and the order was still not ready. Order came out right at 1pm, an hour and 6 minutes after placing. The order was one egg and cheddar sandwich, nothing else.

Heather Pinner

This was my first time going and everything was awesome. The staff are so friendly and the food was delish.

Corey Johnson

Super awesome! I get the corn and potatoes every time and their eggs are the best in town! Their ingredients are so fresh and it shows ? they also have great cappuccinos and drinks

Haleigh T.

This is a great spot for anyone who loves breakfast and brunch! Good food and great coffee (with milk alternatives!). My one star off has to do with seating and the lack of. On busy days it can be hard to find a place to sit down and eat.

Neil Greishaw

Great first experience here at a close friend's suggestion. Loved the food, looking forward to bringing others here soon! I ordered the shakshuka and added feta. My friend had the cappuccino pictured. I got the regular coffee and it was great too!

Christina Alltop

This place is great - the vibe & food. I will say, don’t come here if you’re in a hurry. I’m not sure if it’s usual but when I went it took about 45 minutes to get a BLT sandwich after I ordered. It was a great BLT tho, lol.

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