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91 S Main St, Alpharetta


Reviews for Hardee's

This particular Hardy's was disappointed I've been to hardest before they were all nice this one has by the way I'm good I was sitting down at the table that didn't notice the spider webs and I was eating my food so you know where the food went to right but not all Hardy's up the same please give don't go to this particular one try another Hardy's where everything is clean the customers are friendly and you can get your eat on in a clean environment.

service is absolutely ridiculous. started ordering through the drive thru, and all we got was attitude. these people should be thankful they have a job. got our order wrong several times, and even after we corrected them, they still got it wrong. will not be coming back to this hardee's. will be contacting corporate for the lack of respect. we keep you in business.

Customer service is TERRIBLE! Drive thru on 2/28/2020..Rushing to take my order, then says “drive around”..didn’t bother to repeat my order or give me my total! And I can’t drive around because there cars sitting in front of me..Then I get to the window and asked Yalanda the cashier to confirm my order and she does it with a nasty attitude like I was disturbing her..order number 367281..this is definitely not Chick-fil-A

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91 S Main St, Alpharetta, GA 30009
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