St. Kilda

300 SW 5th St, Des Moines
(515) 369-7854

Recent Reviews

Rosa Garfield

Delicious!Attentive service, great presentation and the food was ? will definitely come back. Their coffee is strong too!

Andrew Stern

Great breakfast spot! The food was delicious and creative, and the atmosphere was nice as well. Highly recommend.

Katie Robertson

Really creative, unique, and tasty brunch. Feels high end, pretty industrial chic space. Highly recommend!


Our favorite place to eat. We come several times a week. We always eat outside. Today we went in because of the weather....we were uncomfortable with none of the staff masked. We moved outside and took our chance with the rain . We would be more comfortable if the staff were masked for their own and our protection. It says something about this time and the DELTA is not over. Thank you.

Jason McLaughlin

Fantastic food that is high quality and flavorful. The atmosphere and decor of the place is one of the best parts. They are struggling with servers it seems, just like everyone else in the industry. The people that we had that day did the best they could, but seemed like they were overwhelmed by the amount of people they were trying to serve. Our server did seem new and inexperienced, but was very pleasant and tried the best that he could. I highly recommend this place for breakfast or lunch. Please be considerate of the servers, though, as they assist many others it seemed. They did seem to be doing their best and I enjoyed my experience as well as tremendous food.

Katie Bergh

This place is a hidden gem. Loved the iced coffee and avocado toast. The menu is really unique for Des Moines.

Denise Foster

Wow! I’m visiting from New York and have never had food like this before. I ordered the avocado toast with poached egg and it was outstanding! Such a unique and delicious blend of flavors. Yum!!

Joel Friedrich

Beautiful shop with a tasteful interior design! Excellent customer service, they were willing to redo a drink despite the fact that I had made the mistake when ordering! Will be back again!

Alex Reiney

Great atmosphere and vibe. Ordered the Spanish Eggs which came with chorizo, but when it was served there wasn’t any. Asked about it and was told it used to come with chorizo, and they forgot to take it off the menu (and I guess the website). I shared that I ordered it for that reason, and just got an “I’m sorry…” Had to suggest that the item be removed from the bill, since no other options were presented. Poor customer service, and do not plan on returning.

Ashleigh J.

This place is really good. The drinks were good, food was good, service was friendly. Came during covid while there were still mask mandates in my home city so I was a little thrown off by folks not needing to wear masks as they navigated the restaurant, but I never felt unsafe. The breakfast sandwich is definitely the star here.


Don't go to this restaurant, especially if you've been able to vote for more than 10 years. The food is overpriced and only semi-good, but the worst thing is that St. Kilda has apparently been intentionally created as the Tenth Circle of Hell — sorry Dante, we have been forced to add one more to your list — specifically designed to torture unsuspecting 'guests' with the LOUDEST RESTAURANT NOISE EVER . . . and I've eaten in restaurants all over the US and the world. With concrete walls, concrete floors, hard surfaces everywhere and no sound dampening in place, this "cafe and baker" is one for the record books . . . but in a damaging-your-hearing, forced-to-shout-at-your-lunch-companions kind of way.

Shiona Deliozar

Food and coffee were excellent. I ordered the salmon dish which came with lentils, kale and poached eggs. The lentils were so creamy, rich and delicious, a definite star of the dish and complemented the salmon perfectly. I had a cortado and it was really yummy. We also tried the chefs special I believe the bbq pork, rice and spring onion pickle dish and thought it was cooked really well. Nice bold flavours from meat and pickles.

Foodie T.

My son and I dined here this afternoon. The atmosphere is nice but the avocado toast was terrible tasting. The pomegranate molasses was soured to a point that it tasted rotten. I can eat almost anything but it truly was inedible. Also, the toast was so hard that it was difficult to eat. And the poached egg I got with it was too well done with a mostly solid yolk. My son ordered the Benedict on a waffle and he liked his meal.


We stopped here for breakfast on our way out of town during a ten-day road trip. We picked this location based on reviews and its proximity to our hotel. We are hearty eaters and got a broad range of treats: two pastries (no photos for these as we devoured them too quickly); a "Green Goddess" smoothie with veg, almond milk and local honey; a cheddar chive biscuit sandwich with pimento cheese, egg, bacon, avocado and spicy honey; a fantastic "country pea" bowl with a variety of fresh spring peas, eggs, sourdough, truffled ricotta and the optional prosciutto; a hot latte and a cold americano. Everything was fantastic. Our only complaint was that we waited a bit on the long side for our "mains," but we were in no hurry and had the aforementioned pastries and coffees in our gullets to tide us over. Ambiance is light-filled and comfortable. Loved this place and would definitely recommend.

Christina K.

I had the bubble & squeak and it was delicious. The smoked tomato, egg and the sorrel balance out the heavier potato and leek cake, and the bacon gives a nice salty bite. Excellent meal!

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