2011 Sibley Blvd, Calumet City


Reviews for Jasnak's

I love Jasnaks, been going there since they opened. My specialty are the hoagies, get them for every event and my folks smash them. Although, the very first time I ordered a pan it wasn't ready when it was supposed to be after calling twice to confirm, but management quickly prepared the order and gave me a discount. I love their grilled chicken sandwich too, and their fries are the bomb no sauce needed. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK JASNAKS!!!!

Change those gloves after touching non food objects. Cashier should not be handling food and money/charge cards. Was not satisfied with my last 2 sandwiches. The lady makes them a whole lot better than the men. Don't like slopped up tasteless food. Please don't start slacking up.

First the girl tried to low key keep my change. I gave her a $20 bill. My bill was $8.67. She came back with only .20 and said I gotta get you 3 pennies. Came back with the 3 pennies and said “have a good day”. I said I would after you give me my dollars. She said “What dollars” with an attitude. I said I gave you a $20 bill. She then looked around yo see if any of her co-workers then said oh here it is. Then I parked my car to go in to use the rest room and the girl...read full review

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