1750 N Oakwood Rd, Oakwood
(217) 354-4205

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D. Moore

Upset with good reason. 60% of what I asked for is unavailable. Without an attitude, I ordered from what they had available. Then simply & nicely asked for a little extra tartar sauce on my fish sandwiches(because when I asked for extra in the past, they put way too much on it & its not enjoyable at all & seems like it's done purposely). I thought asking nice would yield good results. NOT SO! When I get home, there's barely any tartar sauce on either one. Like literally the size of a quarter and so thin, you can see the bun(look at picture). So imagine eating an old & dry fish patty with LESS THAN a 1/2 slice of cheese on a dry bun and basically no tartar for moisture and flavor. Its summer and no slushies available. No sweet tea. No pies. Ok, I understand they close in a little over half an hour, but its summer. People are traveling. Its next to an interstate on 4th of July weekend. There is a demand because cars were lining up behind me. So why are hours not extended in summer? One star for the fresh fries. After 9pm, go to the truck stops(4 to choose from) and avoid this place! Corporate, please explain to me why you don't put a whole slice of cheese on the fish sandwich when the patty is nearly the same size! Rant over

Amanda Brown

After a long day on the river kids and I decided to hit up Mc D's in Oakwood IL! I would give 0 stars if it was an option! I had to repeat my order 5 times at the drive thru speaker! 1 meal of 4 was missing, I politely let them know it was missing! I was made to pay for it and was still missing fries. I was told by the young man working the window that him GM said we would have to go around again to get our fries. I asked to speak to her, she was extremely rude and could care less is I was taken care of. I left missing my fries that I paid for never to return!

Juan Ramirez

horrible kitchen staff or atleast need eye tests ,i say this because the attendant at the register got my order correct, yet when i got my food the whole order minus my fries and nuggets were wrong, sandwiches were not made how asked, which i blame on kitchen staff for not reading the ticket better. will not go here again.

Dianne Sherman

The Big Mac was not as tasty as it has been in the past. The double burger is smaller. The fries we're delicious, as usual.

Brenda Lewis

Happy meal no toy! Cold fries!!! Terrible service.


This is probably my fault because after numerous times of going there and they forget something. Tonight was no different I get home and after ordering a big Mac meal and 2 fries I get home I have a ten piece chicken nugget and a hamburger. I get sometimes they are busy but they were not and it's frustrating to get home then be told we will make you a fresh one. Who wants to get back out in the cold. I won't be pulling up or leaving without checking my order from now on.

Alga Ree Halley

This McDonald's has the best food! The hash browns were hot, crispy, fresh and didn't taste like old grease. My egg mc muffin was great and my caramel macchiato was the perfect temp. Too bad the ones in Alabama aren't this good...I would go more often


That half way mark to where I'm either to sleepy to go west or east .. Guarantee caramel frappe and a sweet tea..keep me awake


Sad that truck drivers can’t even get something to eat here it’s already hard as it is to get food and this McDonald’s can’t even have the dining room open to get something to eat just like all the other McDonald’s. Nope you have to stand in out the cold in this one if you want to. Came to the loves instead.

Eric Schmidt

Don't bother coming here. Pathetic. The dining room is closed, the building is locked. Drive through service only. Tried to walk through the drive through, they would not serve me. Sad. And as far as the hours they are open?? Don't even rely on that. They have signs up all over the place, talking of the abbreviated hours they are open. Why not just close the place. If you're in the Oakwood area and are looking for some food, try somewhere else it's obvious McDonalds does not want your business.

Calvin Lawrence

Horrible rude lazy!!! This location is next to 3 truck stops and has the dinning room closed!! I either have to use the app and stand out in the cold or walk up to the drive through... hmm time to start writing more bad reviews on how Horrible McDonald's stores have gotten and yo think they demand $15 per hour


Decent food& service. It's a real shame that truck drivers have no option but to stand outside because they closed the lobby. Definitely will not be back until the lobby is open.

Daniel Terry

Just another lazy Mcds where everybody hates their job and customers are rarely satisfied. Lobby is closed at this very rural location lol They don't accept mobile orders. Not that they can't but that they won't, because it would bee too much work! Might interfere with all the chit chat going on. If you're a truck driver you'll be forced to WALK thru the drive thru. Because don't we all like to have a ford focus on our heels while we're trying to order. Thanks for failing us once again Big Corp. Way-to-Go on management selection too! Smh

Thomas E. Miller

Walked across the street to get breakfast. Observed patrons leaving the lobby. When I reached the door, they had locked it and informed us the lobby was closed. Seriously, won’t be back.

John X

Not accepting mobile ordersAnd only cash was toldYou should really post signs saying that information so people don't waste their timeThere was about 20 cars from the window wrapped around the building to the road

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