Cafe Miele

11315 W 159th St, Orland Park
(708) 873-5707

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Idk Idk

Ive came to this establishment very often for the past few years. Always a very calm and friendly environment, although when I was there this morning I witnessed the manager, Steven, following a server around the restaurant verbally harassing her. The things he was saying I cannot repeat. Eventually the server left while crying. I will not be returning to a place where the staff is treated this way.

Eric Seil

This restaurant is an excellent place to grab some breakfast. They have a great selection of options available.I recently went with a relative. Our server was polite and professional, and the food was exceptional.Overall, a great experience and I definitely will come back again.

Leah Johnsen

My friends were recommending this place for about 6 months and I finally decided to go. When we were seated I ordered a smoothie and the lid of the smoothie was very bad quality and spilled as soon as I picked it up. The waitress waved it off and we had to ask the bus boy to help us. When I ordered my food I ordered a crepe, it was green. When I cut open the crepe, the crepe turned red with strawberries that were mushy and warm. The bill was outrageous. I would not recommend this place.

David Siano

Madison the hostess set the tone from the moment I walked in. She had a bright, cheerful and welcoming smile. She greeted me and sat me right away. The server assistant dropped lwater and rolled silverware promptly. Angie, who my server, brought a menu and asked about a beverage. Asked for coffee and lots of it. She refilled my cup once and brought a small carafe for me. Excellent idea on her part. We chatted about menu choices for a minute and settled on the fire alarm skillet.Personally I like the coarse grind on my andouille the one they use looks like a smoked polish. It's not... but that's what it looks like. I asked for over easy eggs and they came out more medium or over. Hardly any runny yolk. Portion was plentiful to the point where I did not finish it all. My nose was running and my eyes were watering by the time I was done from the heat. There was a lot of diced fresh jalapeños in there.Great staff, good food, excellent portions. Good coffee too. Ill be back sometime.

Modestas Grincevicius

Food so great and service nice and fast. They do have fresh squeezed juice, that I love it

Padma A.

We arrived about 1pm for a quick business meeting before heading to another in the area with fine dining. It looked like we were attending a family reunion in the Middle East .... The place was packed to the max for some celebration and we chose to be seated outside on an 80 degree day . Service was a tad bit slow, menu was extensive and food was ok. I got a berry smoothie along with crepes which we shared and asked them to split in the kitchen for an extra $1.50 , my other colleagues had tea, southwestern chicken salad,and smoothies. Overall was not too impressed with taste and ambience.

James Peurach

My wife and I travel to this area about once a year and we discovered this place about 4 years ago. We have never been disappointed. The portions are large, the prices are moderate and the food and service are always top notch. We will be back next year! BTW- I read a couple of reviews that complained of undercooked hash browns. We always order our hashbrowns "crispy" at any restaurant and that seems to work to avoid this.

Shana Washington

It was our first time going and we’ll definitely be back..the place was clean..the service was wonderful..and the food was GREAT..down to the presentation! I got the steak skillet..well seasoned and a hearty portion. My fiancé got the fire alarm skillet and raved about it the whole time. The waitress (Kayla) was the can tell she loved her job. Couldn’t have had a better experience. This place definitely knocked it out the park.


First time visit. Arrived around 930 am. Outdoor dining was available and the weather was pleasant. Tons of breakfast options including traditional eggs, omelettes. Skillets, pancakes etc. Many healthier breakfast options Including my choice, a steamed omeleette. Four eggs, egg whites or eggbeaters (upcharge) and your choice of up to 4 ingredients are made into an omelette with some steam cooking method. No fat. Slight change in expected consistency of omelette, but well worth the calories saved.

Octavio Patino

Good food, good service. Could be crowded at times but just goes to show it's a good restaurant. Recommend

Dianna Borum

Very good food great smoothies friendly and quick service


I love this restaurant and visit often with my family. Food and service is always excellent. However, today while eating with my family our meal was rudely interrupted by an employee shouting from near the kitchen. He could be heard clearly by all diners in the upstairs area. There were many times during our meal that we heard him yelling “shut up” and also cursing loudly. Curse words that were unmistakably aimed toward woman. It was shocking to me to hear all that commotion in an establishment filled with families and children. I really hope the owner reprimands this man for his actions, as we really do enjoy coming here.

FOOD ! eat (Ronald Henderson)

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Cafe Miele adds great flavor to that truth!There’s a variety of dishes to choose from on their menu and the taste of the food won’t allow you to complain about their reasonable prices.I highly recommend Cafe Miele to locals and travelers. Give it a try and your experience will only be a testimony." — ???? !

Kimberly Tyler

Fresh steam veggie omelet with no butter or oil. Excellent quality food.

Kate M

Their food is great and portions are generous. Also the taste and quality are very consistent which we love!

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