White Castle

1701 E Spring St, New Albany
(812) 945-7864

Recent Reviews

Jaymie Johnson- Parks

Absolutely love White Castles wish they had one in Tampa Fl. where I live! The closest we have is the worlds largest White Castles that opened in Orlando that still has a 2 hour waiting time! Open one in Tampa!

Johnathan Bishop (TheSeanJohn007)

Always love white castle. Sometimes service can be a little slow but that's usually when they're slammed. Food is always hot and fresh and usually correct.

Lee Reckner

Always a nightmare ordering via their mobile app. Missing items, forgetting drinks and arguing about it when asking for them.Food is good, but order in person and check your order before you leave the window if doing take out.

Jason Underhill

The food was typical White Castle, really good. The service was very slow, but the drive thru attendant was struggling and having a bad day. Can't really judge them on this visit. People have bad days.

Philip Garner

When you pull up to the speaker they should take your order but several times they told me to wait. I had to wait a long time. If they took your order right away you would get your order faster. Several times I have waited and they took too long to take my order and I left.

WhiteWill Smith

What can I say it's White castles they're a legend Nationwide big red is fantastic cheese sliders to go sack of 10. Love this place five golden stars

Karen Sue Tidwell-firster

double cheese burgers extra pickles

Alexxzondra Ford

Love this place. I wish there was one in Tampa! Great burgers and appetizers. My niece loved the dessert on a stick but they are kinda tiny.


Sandwichs were made almost perfect according to the original recipe. They just needed to add the 2nd pickle to every hamburger ordered. Other then that they were cooked with the onions and served hot, fresh with lots of onions. Just like their made to be!!!!! EXCELLENT JOB!!!! Also had chicken rings and fries, they were very delicious as always.

IKE'S Services

I can remember when on a Friday night you could be in and out of this store in 10 min max.. those days seem to be long gone.. been sitting in dining area 20 min now waiting on my order.. I'm assuming it's hard to get workers when they can make $600-$800 sitting on their lazy bums

Dawn Marie

You can tell they hate door dashers by the way they speak to them. I was sitting behind 2 cars in the drive thru at 2p and they were not busy. They wouldn’t even acknowledge those 2 people in front of me so they left. I sat at the intercom for 5 minutes before they finally asked what I needed. Then when I get to the window they were so rude. Maybe you should take your restaurant off of the doordash platform if it’s that much of an issue to make the orders and hand them out without being nasty.

Jack James

The service and food was great. The security intercom, not so much. An obnoxious voice comes across the intercom at random to run off homeless people. I guess if you're stuck up and hate the poor it should bring a smile to your face but otherwise it's just annoying and you're better off going to another white castle or getting your food to go. The lobby is closed right now for covid anyway they just play it on the intercom both inside and out.

Krissy Ann Gibs

Very fresh and very kind. little wait in the drive thru but well worth it when the food is fresh.

Amanda Beirne

Currently been sitting behind a vehicle ready to take their order. Been 5 minutes. Sad thing is they didn't turn off the mic so you can hear the employees having conversations while customers are just waiting to have their orders taken! Haven't even acknowledged the vehicle in front of me! I had a conversation with driver I n from of me. By now it's been 10 minutes. He said they hadn't even acknowledged him. We finally honked our horns and they realized they had a line backed around the building. White castle is usually known for fast service. But not this one. It's a joke. Even when it is fully staffed!!!

Joshua Kinberger

Perfect for the munchies, a snack or get enough to make a meal. I've always loved WC sliders. They are the best...

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