8016 Santa Fe Dr, Overland Park
(913) 648-5000

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Clarissa Knighten

We had the meat sampler. It was delicious. The restaurant owners we super accommodating. We arrived 30 minutes before closing. We said whatever you want to bring us will be fine.Great family owned business. We can't wait to go back.

Kristen Rae Wyre

The sweetest family, the most delicious food…this is a regular date night spot.

Michael Jenkins

I haven’t had Ethiopian food in over a decade. I was pleasantly surprised how favorable and mesmerizing the food was. Everything was edible on the plate and it was a nice experience to eat without utensils. Great customer service with a variety of options to choose from!

Nicholas Forristal

My 10 yr old's response during dinner was, "this is the best fish I've ever had." That really should be enough of a review.But, I will say this: while I've never had Ethiopian until tonight, I loved everything we got and will definitely be going back.

Laura Bozarth

This was my first time having Ethiopian food and I'm glad it was at Elsa's, because it was amazing.My partner and I got...#25..? It was a combination vegan dish, including #18 and #24 from the menu. (My numbers might be off, but there's only 1 combination dish on the vegan side of the menu) It was $15 and had more then enough food for 2 people.This is a great little family owned restaurant and I highly recommend checking it out.

Grant Gregory

The food is great. But onlyif you’re willing to wait an hour or more to get it. The owners are very nice, but the service is just atrocious. Water was delivered, but never refilled. We will definitely order to go from now on.

Stephanie Zeiler

Absolutely FANTASTIC food!!! I had never had Ethiopian food before and I was truly amazed by how absolutely great everything tasted!!! (They also have so many excellent vegan options as well if you’re looking for somewhere to go out that has something for you!)The wait staff was so personable and gave us a truly great Ethiopian experience! 100% would recommend!!!???

Saber Weekley

In a few short words, mmm amazing. I've only done take out, my ofer is never messed up, almost always on time, and the food is delicious. Sometimes you have to wait a few minutes to get your food, but it is worth the extra few minutes for good quality Ethiopian food.

Brian Pollmiller

Elsa's food is amazing!

Zanderz McCluer

This could have been better. We ordered our food at 5:30PM and asked for it to be ready by 7:30PM. When we got there to pick up our order, they had messed up our order and we had to wait a whole hour longer to get the order right. Other than that, the food was pretty good.

Chattallina Nottheisland

very delicious and will definitely be back

Jen N.

Super service! Truly, the BEST. This is going to sound sappy - but thanks to the great service, delicious food, welcoming atmosphere, and the friendly laughs shared with my company and the wait staff about it being our first time ordering Ethiopian food (and I had no idea what was happening - where's my fork?! lol), I literally left the restaurant smiling and oddly happy. What an experience! And the fact that I experienced this in downtown OP, just minutes from my home, at a place that I have literally passed a hundred times but never noticed before... truly means this place is a (not so hidden) gem! I ordered: - Veggie Samosas (split with friend) - Veggie Combo* - Honey Wine (split with friend - it's not on the menu, but it's $3.75 and comes in a small vase-esque glass. They will bring you two smaller glasses if you desire. :)) *My friend and I were both ordering the veggie combo, so we thought we would just split 1 order. Our server convinced us to order 2 (hey, I respect that - good salesman haha) but I'm so glad we did! We both have plenty of leftovers, and didn't have to worry about splitting everything equally (which could've been a mess - especially without silverware). ;) Long story short: will go back for the food, but also, and even more importantly, the atmosphere and service.

Kara C.

Lawrence has no Ethiopian food, so I'm so glad the hike out to Overland Park was worth it! The staff was very helpful and friendly in advising us when we were debating side dishes (and I heard them giving folks advice on injera technique). We got two meat combos (each has three types of meat) with the gomen (collards), kik alicha (yellow split peas), dinich wot (potato, carrot, and onion), and tikil gomen (cabbage) as sides. The injera was plentiful too! We definitely could've gotten by splitting one meat combo and ended up taking quite a bit to go. Overall, the "spicy" dishes were more on the mild side and all our items were more salty than I was expecting, but they were still quite good. Next time, I'll know how generous the helpings are and plan to save some room to try the sambusas.

Luster Laura

Incredible food. I’ve never had gluten-free injera this good. The vegetarian sides were the best I’ve eaten.

Jessica Kueker

Delicious and the owner took time to explain the dishes and how to eat them. Shared meat and vegetarian dishes with a friend.

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