Fortune Wok

11236 W 135th St, Overland Park
(913) 239-8646

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Chuck VanSloten

I only do carry out. It is good and fast

Rob Sight

This place does NOT have Springfield Cashew Chicken! What we received was 99% breading, it was small and so hard it was inedible. I don't think the sauce had much flavor, but it was so hard to tell with the horrible Chicken. This was an awful experience for us!!

Bec Steffens-Peck

Excellent service. Go to for Chinese ove 25 years. Supports food sensitivities. Great relationship.

Sheri S.

This restaurant is absolutely horrible with their customer service. Week after week I have tried to keep giving them another chance.... I'm finally done. Last week they completely messed up my to-go order ( gave me the complete wrong order) and couldn't care less. Tonight they did not even put in our order. Once again they didn't even try to fix it and make the customer happy. They chose to just ignore me while I stood by the counter - waiting for my food! Their lack of customer service is disgusting!

L Parks

Amazing as always! Got it to go and still got 15 MILES later!

chris richmond

Our go to Chinese place in the JOCO metro area. We moved from Hawaii which had an abundance of every kind of Asian food you could want, so we really needed our fix and we're lucky we found Fortune Wok.We've been here probably a half dozen times in the last 18 months and it's always very tasty and good and this last visit was no different. In fact this last visit seemed even better/more delicious than all the other visits.The main reason we found this place is that our daughter is gluten free. Not the trendy as of late "Oh, I'm gluten sensitive" stuff, but no carp, damage to her digestive tract celiac disease. This place has a huge dedicated gluten free menu section which even includes many breaded items that you normally don't find or are not very well done. This stuff is amazing. As a matter of fact, as a family, we all just order everything from the gluten free menu as it is very large/varied and we have tons of favorite dishes on there.We did try the other location "Fortune Wok and Sushi" or whatever it is called one time, but this has always been much better, so I can't speak for the other location as much. I don't know what the ownership/management relationship is between the two locations is, but stick to this one.

Charles Morris

Tried the lunch menu. It would have been nice to have fried rice not white rice.

Lidia Brodine

We love this place! We have been visiting for about 11 years now and we are never disappointed! Great service and great people!

Alana Muller

Just love Fortune Wok! This is our go-to Chinese restaurant for delicious favorites and some new dishes to try. Check out the Wok Roasted Chicken or the Hunan Shrimp.

Mary Jean M.

Amazing food and excellent service. Great portion and authentic tasting, you will not be disappointed. An explosion of savory flavor in your mouth which is beyond satisfaction. Highly recommend this place if you are looking for authentic Chinese cuisine!

Ron finch

We ordered food from the Fortune wok on 135th St. we ordered the Peking beef and sesame chicken, the meat was so Overdone and tough, we could not even eat it!

Kenny Tse

Love this place owner is super friendlyNice people and good food

Renee Norris

Best Chinese food in the KC metro hands down! Lived here for 23 years and we finally found a fabulous place for Chinese, not to mention they know how to make excellent Springfield Cashew Chicken! Great food, service and management.

nathan williams

Dear Fortune Wok. When you hire a hostess she/he represents the first impression to your business. After, no hello, no smile and no how may I help you and when I asked to see the menu you and i reached out for it and you lay it on the counter with no eye contact?I will Never know if the restaurant has good food. because i left. Rude greetings will not get my money. There's too many Woks in town. ✌

Charenee H.

This was the first and probably last time (first impressions, ya know). We were immediately put on hold as soon as we called, without being told we were on hold?! Anyways, the estimated time for food was 45 mins to 1 hour. Once we waited an hour and a half, I called- the food was still there. No apologies, just "yeah... we are busy" OK, I didn't ask that, I just walked about status of food. At least notify customers UPFRONT when food will be 2 or more hours! After 2 hours and 30 mins, decided to cancel and refund the order. "K, bye" is the response I got when cancelling the order.................... They're sooo many yummy Chinese restaurants to choose from, especially in OP, why choose the one least dedicated to serving you?

Not rocket science, read the other reviews on here with lower ratings -- it all says POOR SERVICE. Stop letting your kids answer phones if they don't have service skills!

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