Chilacates Mission Hill

1482 A Tremont St, Boston
(617) 286-3888

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Ashley O.

******UPDATE: I changed from 1 star to 3 stars because the manager spoke to me via phone when I stopped by after work and was really nice and responsive in trying to help correct for my problem, and I actually liked most of my food. He offered to make it again (which I didn't want), refund my whole meal (but I got it through uber eats so I gotta see how to go through Uber eats?), and to pay for my whole meal next time while stating he was sorry and would work to improve process so that doesn't happen again. I appreciate this a lot as a foodie! I understand whole "covid- doing their best" thing, but I found a staple in my torta today. I knew it wasn't from the bag because it was when I took a big bite out of the middle and was chewing was when I noticed it. (The torta itself was in a well contained bowl with plastic lid) After leaving my Uber eats food review and I called the restaurant (waiting for a call back btw.) All the girl offered me was to make a new one for me. Thanks, but the manager needs to know this happened, and needs to hold himself and the staff accountable just like in any other business. Thankfully I don't think I bit to the point where I was bleeding. Who knows if I swallowed any though and didn't notice.Also got a chicken burrito bowl. The food tasted good. But it was a shame I had hints of cleaning product in the taste. The salsa with the chips doesn't taste good IMO- was too smokey. Won't be eating here again.


The food is good but EXTREMELY overpriced. $19 for the taco plate plus a can of soda. The tacos are VERY small. 3 tiny tortillas are not enough canvas for the steak/chicken/pork to fill. U end up with a bunch of beans and rice for almost 20 bucks. Quality is good but small plate. Burritos may be the only reasonably priced for a place that’s literally in a location full of broke college kids.

Charlie's Cooking Show

1st time trying Chilacates Mexican Street Food at 1482 A Tremont St, Boston, MA 02120The food was delicious and as authentic as I have had in the northeast.I tried the carnitas taco. Flavorful and delicious if a bit small for the $3.99 price. Not surprising taking into account the location. I also tried the Carne Asada burrito.It was a meal in itself. Again a bit on the high side of pricing if you (as I did) add sour cream $.75 Carne Asada $3.99 and Guacamole $2.00 th the $8.99 price. But it was very good and filling the steak had a wonderful flavor and the veggies, rice and beans were fresh and delicious. All in all a good find. I will be returning to try more.

Craig Anthony Evans

Great shrimp ? burrito ?. Enjoy the food.

Wildary C.

Came here during my short visit to Boston, it was like 20-30 minutes before closing.I was honestly super shocked to see the amount of people that came while I was waiting for my food. We were a big group and made different orders, I was last to order and my boyfriend and I ordered a whole bunch of stuff so it took a little longer than the rest. No lie, more than 15 customers came while we were waiting and it was 20 minutes before closing. That's when I realized I had made a great choice when picking where to eat.We ordered Lengua tacos, Chicken tinga tacos, Carne al Pastor Enchilada, Carnitas Quesadilla and everything was delightful and so well made!!! Their food was suuuper duuuper amazing!!!100% recommended!!!!!

Anthony Craig Evans

Food is awesome. Did receive the wrong burrito ?

Joseph Wood

This place has the best hand made hot sauce and chicken tinga burritos! I have been here 20+ times and the consistency is impeccable. I tell everyone to go here and will continue to, great service and even better food! Great for ordering out or catering!! Still not sure, stop in for some quac and chips for a test run!!!!

Rodolfo Cardenas

Best mexican fastfoodWith alot of mexican flavor

Sunmee P.

Best mexican food you can get in Mission Hill. I would much rather eat here than Boloco or Amelia's. I got a bowl with pork en verde and mild salsa the last time I went. The pork was juicy and tasted fresh. They serve large portions, so when I go here the bowl usually will last me from lunch till dinner. They have a clean, modern interior and simple design. Would definitely go again and would bring a friend!

Bridgette Pitchford

Best tacos in Boston! Everyone is incredibly kind and welcoming. I’ve loved every single thing I’ve had here. Lengua, chicken tinga, and al pastor are all favorites!!!

Diana Yang

Lengua and Al Pastor Tacos were bomb! Tamale was good (first one ever!) But corn was ok. Overall great place!!

Angelina Camacho

Friendly family spot. Need better seating but the food is good.

Jaspreet K.

I always drove past this restaurant and finally thanks to a meeting in the area I was able to indulge. The environment was peaceful and professional. My favorite part, my burrito bowls ingredients were separated. I loved it wasn't all layered on top of each other! Such good flavors too. Will definitely make a trip again!

Vincent R.

Omg! So good. Never been to Mexico but I've been to a handful great taco joints and this is one of them! Great tacos! Great house hot sauces! Really good guacamole! I got the lengua and chili verde fillings in my tacos. My wife had the chicken tinga torta and just inhaled it despite its large proportions. The kid had a quesadilla with grilled chicken and it also disappeared pretty quickly. Everyone loved their meals!

Kayla A.

This place was delicious the enchiladas were amazing so good with green sauce. Also the staff were so nice, even gave us free tres leche which was sooo good. loved their fresh juices the passion fruit one was my favorite.

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