Slab Sicilian Street Food

25 Preble St, Portland
(207) 245-3088

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jason fitz

Best pizza in Portland.Love, love love the thin crust!!!Just wish they had that old Chicken Curry sandwich still, bring it back please

Gresa Mustafa

I enjoyed my slice at slab Sicilian. The waitress was sweet, she came Around often asking us if we enjoyed our food. I’d return if I was in the area. Only down side was the appetizer, we got the bread chips with a cheese dip, they were very bland. And hard to bite into. Not a good option for an appetizer. Otherwise I enjoyed my meal.

brian warren

Great waitress. Pizza is awesome and so is the beer. Wish there was one in CT.


Great pizza! The slices are really huge, so one should be enough per person. We got the cheese slice and a vegan slice. The tapioca cheese was great, as was the tomato-pesto base.

Josh K.

Just left slab at 915 on a Saturday night 7-17-21. Ordered nothing after being told I could only order a cheese pizza or appetizers. When I asked if I could get pepperoni on my pizza she said il have to ask if we can get a side of pepperoni and order the cheese... iv cooked at pizza joints literally across the country for half of my life and never have I been told that I can order a cheese and get a side of pepperoni. A bizarre experience that led me to get food elsewhere. Buyer beware.

Dalila S.

great thick crust pizza; our whole group loved it!! one slice is good for 2 if you are just snacking throughout the day. if you are eating as a meal - one per person is best. nothing against slab but the bluet (wine) is not good, would not recommend. BUT WOULD RECOMMEND THE FOOD :)

Leigh Warner

Awesome! $34 but huge! And so worth it! Thick & fluffy, saucy and delicious! I don't know how many it feeds. But it's alot.


The meatballs are out of this world. Also the pizza slices are huge. Awesome place!

Sarni R.

Ok let me just start on the overall vibe of this place is flames. The food is a friggin hit, and the opposite of ordinary. Everything thing they make is exciting and tasty and nothing I could ever recreate at home (and I'm Italian and can cook). Don't walk. RUN. Also they have like a million beers on tap so if u want to drink ur calories that's also a HOT option

Masa Kol

Kayla was was server and she was awesome! I had the peanut butter Porter. It was amazing! The brownie is to die for!

Jeff Barber

Slab serves up huge slices with a fluffy interior. The cornicione is finished with a nice crunch due to baking on large metal pans. Every slice has an edge. Perfect to pair with a beverage. Slab has seating inside and out.

Brandon O.

The meatball sandwich is unbelievable, probably the best I've ever had in a long life of eating meatball sandwiches. I first tried it six years ago when they opened and have not been able to get it out of my head since. We stopped by again when we were in Portland this week, and it was everything we remembered. Gooey, succulent, tender, perfect mix of textures... unbelievable. Come for that reason alone, it's worth going out of your way. I have not tried the pizza.

Jeffrey Tomlinson

Ok I’m from Chicago and live in NYC, so I know a good pizza when I eat one. And I ate one with such joy at Slab. Not deep dish, and not thin crust, the Spicy Meat Sicilian style slice was to die for. Crunchy,Crispy slightly toasted edges and high quality meat made for a mouth watering medley in my mouth. And their selection of local beers was unmatched. I had a fruity, floral Gose (so good I had 3). And what makes the trip here even more worthwhile is the staff. Kaitlyn (I think) was jovial, jubilant, and the perfect mix of sassy and savvy. She guided us all to our culinary jubilation. Oh and the brownie dessert is outstanding too! Just needed ice cream w it.

Jason Bonney

Wow good. Sicilian style pizza. Great cheese, sauce and toppings but what made it was the crust/dough. Amazing! Focaccia-esque I'll say but I'm no expert. Thick but light, buttery, but with a little chew. Perfect!

Shane O'Connor

Try the Spicy Meat Sicilian! It's amazing. Great patio seating. Amazing selection of Barreled Souls Stay Puft on tap. Will definitely be back!

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