Red Lobster

1890 E Madison Ave NEAR RIVER HILLS MALL, Mankato
(507) 208-7207

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Angela Kirsch

I realize Covid has had an effect on all businesses.That being said, I didn't like that there's no longer a lunch menu.The pick 2 or 3 no longer includes shrimp alfredo pasta.The alfredo recipe was changed years ago and is not as good as it was.My waiter was great and the coconut shrimp was a delicious as ever ?

Dan Peterson

Waitress was very friendly and prompt. Food was delicious. Covid spacing was maintained for safety and was greatly appreciated. Great experience.

Miss Laura J

Great food and service. ? Waitress had a beautiful smile and actually held a conversation with us. We(my truck driving friends)enjoyed her and the great food and appetizers. ?She got all 4 of our orders right, no mistakes!? Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!????????

Caitlin Galagan

The food was good. The problem was that my fish was dry and slightly odd. It wasn't what I thought I was getting but it was still decent.

Taylor Ziemke

Food was great and wait staff was nice. Its always good when they offer to give you more biscuits and have sodas refilled before you are done with the current one.We also go there just in time as there was a wait for the lunch rush.

Mik Sz

Great experience..waitress served my every need for all you can eat shrimp on mondays..ate way too much??

Jose Rodriguez

The customer service was A+ and very covid safe. Great work guys. It's been 5 years since I been to a Red lobster. Great experience once again.

Leroy Blanks

While in Mankato our group ate at the Red Lobster. We received great service and the food was delicious. I had clam chowder, 12 grilled shrimp skewers, with French fries.Very nice experience.

Shari Emich

Friendly staff. Great waiter. Timely serving. Excellent experience.

Precious V.

Finally got the nerve to try Red Lobster, the Alfredo with crab & crab legs. Crab legs were a little bigger than the ones you get at a buffet and very salty without the butter. The Alfredo itself wasn't the greatest but definitely better than crab legs.

Scott DeAtley

We had an amazing server for sure did a great job. The prices I think are a little high for what you get. Good seafood isn't cheap and cheap seafood normally isn't that good. I would say there's is ok but you pay the good price.

Ann's Emporium

Every time I go I expect my seafood to be cooked correctly....lobster should not be hard....wth!? The sides were done well and the drink delight but $60 for one person when it's not amazing is just too much.

Amanda Wilcox

Our waitress was awesome and the hostesses working were doing an amazing job amongst the Valentine's craziness. Also the food was delicious.

jamie s

Our server Emily was the best! The food was ok, our bubbly server made up for the lack of effort in the kitchen. We enjoyed our visit very much. First week back it's understandable to be a little rusty but Emily is at the top of her game! We will be back!

Heather Walk

Brandon made our dining experience a 100% hit.. date night has never been more fun.. the atmosphere was great and the food phenomenal

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