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Fast Food Restaurants in Missoula

4.5 - 241 votes

Hours: 11AM - 10PM

820 E Broadway St, Missoula
(406) 830-3262

Five Guys

We come up from great falls to grab a usually decent burger but this experience is ending that. We used the mobile app to order our food, when my wife we... More reviews

4.5 - 197 votes

Hours: 11AM - 9PM

325 N Higgins Ave, Missoula
(406) 926-1860

Five on Black

Googled a great place for vegans once I got to Missoula and Five on Black wasn't in it's top promotion. Read some reviews and decided to check ... More reviews

4.2 - 148 votes

Hours: 11:30AM - 8PM

2775 N Reserve St, Missoula
(406) 926-2770

MOD Pizza

Very disappointed. Not much food on the pizza. Very skimpy. Tried my first MOD pizza in Washington 2 years ago and loved it. More reviews

4 - 178 votes

Hours: 11AM - 9PM

4855 N Reserve St, Missoula
(406) 926-1040

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Never have I given Freddy's less than 5 stars. This location is closed to indoor dining. I called. He directed me to the app. I ordered the food and... More reviews

4.3 - 107 votes

Hours: 11AM - 9PM

3850 S Reserve St #140, Missoula
(406) 926-1305

Five on Black

This place consistently provides fantastic food and service. Be sure to eat the cheese buns. More reviews

4.1 - 119 votes

Hours: 11AM - 9PM

2405 N Reserve St, Missoula
(406) 541-8031


I heard about hoagie cheese fries as a staple in the Missoula area and fries are my kryptonite so I definitely had to make a stop to try some. This is lo... More reviews

4.3 - 93 votes

Hours: 11:30AM - 7:30PM

3075 N Reserve St, Missoula
(406) 541-8226

Taco Del Sol

It seems this place is a hit or a mess based on the reviews. Some other locations in town have better reviews and others have the same. This was a last m... More reviews

4.4 - 80 votes

Hours: 12 - 9:30PM

1735 S Higgins Ave, Missoula
(406) 549-6075

Dairy Queen Brazier

This is a classic joint. Think Norman F***ing Rockwell 1950s America with hard-working high school boys and girls that serve the ice cream. They're ... More reviews

4.1 - 94 votes

Hours: 6:30AM - 12AM

2320 N Reserve St, Missoula
(406) 721-3739

Taco Bell

I wasnt on time for happy hour but it was a minute passed it was hot and my kids wanted slushies and they gave them to me happy hour prices thank you More reviews

3.7 - 137 votes

Hours: 10:45AM - 10PM

2995 N Reserve St Ste A&B, Missoula
(406) 549-8030

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Good food, the queso is pretty good, and adds a kick to your food. Try their Izzy drinks, its like a carbonated juice, friendly staffed and never too pac... More reviews



3.7 - 129 votes

Hours: 6:30AM - 1AM

2720 N Reserve St, Missoula
(406) 721-8988


Little known fact, the Wendy's twitter account became so popular that they started a little pilot project restaurant right here in Missoula, farm to... More reviews



3.9 - 105 votes

Hours: 6:30AM - 12AM

3011 Brooks St, Missoula
(406) 728-1393


Worst Wendy's I've ever been too! Their employees are absolutely disgusting! Go to the north reserve one!! More reviews

4 - 94 votes

Hours: 7AM - 10PM

3400 Brooks St, Missoula
(406) 728-8689

Taco Bell

Miss some of the old menu items and the prices have definitely gone up but still cheap and the tacos were beautiful and tasted great. Drive thru was fast... More reviews

3.6 - 122 votes

Hours: 10AM - 6PM

1220 SW Higgins Ave # 4, Missoula
(406) 542-2206

Staggering Ox Sandwiches

Not Helena. Simple enough. Awful service. Multiple people walked out. If I hadn't paid already I would have also. More reviews

3.8 - 101 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 9:30PM

1515 Dearborn Ave, Missoula
(406) 493-1840

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

Today we went through the drive through. Got home and opened our food to find out my sons cheesebuger had no burger. Usually when something is wrong with... More reviews

3.7 - 107 votes

Hours: 8AM - 10PM

623 W Broadway St, Missoula
(406) 543-7273

Taco John's

Great food and friendly staff. This location is always my choice out of the 2 in town. More reviews



3.7 - 106 votes

Hours: 10AM - 11PM

2900 Brooks St, Missoula
(406) 543-8484


What kind of place runs out of Arby’s sauce???Gad people! Go to the other location and get some! Didn’t even tell me they were out of sauce when I placed... More reviews

3.7 - 101 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 2AM

111 South Ave W, Missoula
(406) 721-7610

Domino's Pizza

Jacob handled our order with great communication given some pretty poor circumstances! We appreciate all the time and effort! We didn’t end up getting ou... More reviews

3.6 - 104 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 2AM

4921 N Reserve St, Missoula
(406) 926-6411

Domino's Pizza

This is the WORST dominos pizza outlet ever. I haven't had a correct, decent or satisfactory order for the last 5 times I've ordered. Don'... More reviews

3.7 - 84 votes

Hours: 8AM - 9PM

651 E Broadway St, Missoula
(406) 728-6667

Taco Bell

Super friendly and sweet employees, plus fast and accurate food! Thanks for dinner! ? More reviews

4.7 - 26 votes

Hours: Closed today

901 N Orange St, Missoula


This is my second time visiting the soup farm. I really wanted to like it both times- in fact, i took myself here today after a hard day as a treat and o... More reviews

3.6 - 85 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 12:30AM

3851 Brooks St, Missoula
(406) 251-4417

Pizza Hut

The reward system is really wonderful and even allowed us a surprise meal in a time where eating out is not monetarily feasible for us. We love that we g... More reviews

3.8 - 65 votes

Hours: 10AM - 10PM

420 N Higgins Ave, Missoula
(406) 542-1100

Jimmy John's

I placed an order for pick up. When I got there the worker told me my order fell off a rack by the front door and I found my order in a sack on the floor... More reviews

3.7 - 71 votes

Hours: 10AM - 8PM

2901 Brooks St # A7, Missoula
(406) 728-5008


I was told after trying Hoagieville's cheese fries I'd never look at cheese fries the same way again. The cheese is melted to perfection, litt... More reviews



3.7 - 70 votes

Hours: 9AM - 5PM

3150 S Reserve St, Missoula
(406) 728-7710


Always love eating there! Absolutely Love my all time favorite Subway Melt (American Club Bacon), but they do have the Best chicken Bacon ranch I've... More reviews

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