Vonda's Kitchen

183 W Kinney St, Newark
(973) 732-4532

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John Bradley

Food was great. Chicken fresh,fish fried correctly. Our server t was great. Was looking for a place to eat regularly when we are in town. Definitely a fan

Wyhidi Wilson

I used to love vondas kitchen, now this is by far disappointing my Mac and cheese is not mac and cheese i was eating macaroni the cheese was there but not on the macaroni. I'm done spending my money here this is the last time. Vonda is very nice but I'm not sure what's going on in the kitchen ?

Linda Ross

Drove 40mins and it just was not nearly as good as the first time. Fish not cooked all the way, yams were good because they were camouflaged in sugary ingredients, Mac and cheese was just noodles with clumps of unchewable cheese on top. Very disappointed. All three of us had "stomach issues" after eating the food. It was good the first and second time. Collards were tasty.

Conrad S.

Just had food delivered. Awesome unique flavors in each dish. Everything delicious. Food arrived super quick, and everything was hot. My fiancé and I will try dine in next time.

Nichelle V.

didnt notice the place because of the location but its a nice place. it was clean & sanitized which was a plus. the waitress was nice & so was the customer service. i had shrimp & grits & it was really good. my shrimp was kind of over cooked but i was hungry so it wasnt that big of a deal. my partner had the salmon cakes, collard greens, cabbage & potato salad. the salmon cakes was bland but the sides were good. love that its black owned. i recommend coming & trying the food. i'll come back & try something different.

Ellie G.

No reason to put a fancy title up as this place is right is a great spot for comfort foods. What I mean by that is one will get a substantial meal, well prepared and served quickly with a smile. Our server was fun and attentive who kept the cups filled and the warm embrace coming to the whole meal. The Fried catfish is good and well-cooked food. Nothing was bad. Love the meatloaf as well. The food was very good with just the right amount of crispy to them.

Allegra Dixon

Had to place several phone calls to place an order, had to call several times to rectify same order for them to suggest I come pick up MISSING DELIVERY item myself. They also sent some hard dry cornbread with part of my order…. 2nd time patronizing, both times dissatisfied with service. The food is good but the customer service doesn’t extend pass their cash register

Laurene H.

The service was very bad today. called for 30 mins no answer sooo decided to walk in and wasn't crowded at all and still had to wait 20 mins for the guy to take my order because he was busy on the phone complaining to someone about hows he not in the mood and he's closing the restaurant early today. Then to get home and notice my max and cheese look like they didn't even cook it no longer than 10 mins in the oven because all the shredded cheese was not melted. Potatoe salad was Koop warm instead of cool and this the 2nd time recently service sucked. They need to hire new people and get rid of the people there and who is cooking the food because it sure not vonda because she's never there. Whomever the cook is , can't cook. food is not satisfying at all. And it really hurts because I use to come here at least every other week and spend like 60 dollars for my family a meal but I don't think I will be back. Try to support black own businesses as much as I can but come on now tighten up.

Darnisha Taylor

I always saw this restaurant growing up but never actually tried it. Yesterday was the first time, and I was HIGHLY SATISFIED! The food is amazing, and I was full off my platter. Definitely give this restaurant a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Andrea W.

Unfortunately I don't have a food review to post because we were turned away upon arriving. We called about an hour ahead of time to find out if they had dine in options. We were told yes. From my house to the restaurant is maybe about 15+ minutes. We get there and are immediately told dining in and ordering takeout was closed because "she left to do a catering order". Really? So no one else cooks? What do they do when people are already there? Just leave when a catering order comes in? I'm confused and disappointed. That's it, that's the review. ‍

Evelyn Cepeda

One star is too much for them. I ordered catfish with hush puppies and received over greased French fries. They don’t answer the phone either.I don’t know how this place is still in business. Vonda needs to cook the food as it is shown on the website and stop leaving it to amateurs. Perhaps then it would taste like something.You should be ashamed of this reviews basically saying the same think. Think about the people instead of the money without the people buying your food there is no business.Waste of time and money. I will tell all I know to never go here.

Charles Wilson

Great food poor customer service I was seated and had to wait 1/2 hour to see a waiter someone came in after us was serve before we was. Then the waiter came over. And then it took another 10 minutes just to bring the good. Then by the time they brought the good I did not want to eat

Chavelle Porter

Vonda's is a great place. The food is usually very good. We had the "Pan Seared Salmon Cakes" with Texas Toast and a choice of grits or eggs. Our son had the chicken and waffles. The salmon cakes were deep fried, not pan seared and it was not prepared properly., it had bones in it and it was dry with very little seasoning. The Texans Toast was regular cold wheat bread. The our sons order didnt come with ours it was served 5 minutes later and the chicken had no seasoning either!We ordered drinks which came after the meal?. The server must be new. She was all over the place. I love Vonda's however, not sure what happened today.

Trini Gyall

Call and placed my order said it will be ready in 20 minutes, got there in 25 minutes had to wait 15 minutes more for my order and did not get what I wanted. Ordered 2 Catfish with Yams n Mac & Cheese. I got 1 perfect and the other Whiting that was dry.

Lisa P

Oxtails look awesome taste awesome only on dine in menu. Meatloaf Amazing!! Delivery menu needs to be updated.

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