Bamboo Grill Jamaican Restaurant

1005 Chambers St, Trenton
(609) 396-1300

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Titus Johnson

My first time eating there it was a Blast Thanks Keep Up the amazing taste

Hafeez Kadiku

I tried bit of everything they got from the jerk chicken...oxtail to goat curry and it was amazing and affordable

Rodney McRae

Get Ready for a long wait! I called 20 mins ahead of time and STILL had to wait 20 mins for my food, they waited until I arrived to tell me that they had No callaloo! Seems to be a theme with them...No callaloo, No oxtails Etc. The food was good but too much hassle.?

Diana Salazar

They used to be my favorite place until recently, first off the prices online are incorrect. When i called to place an order they told me they didn't have certain things i wanted since they ran out so i had to change me order. When i get there they cant find my order and i have fo repeat it 4 times before they finally found it. As I'm waiting a man orders food i was told they ran out of so i asked if they had that in which they replied yes. I asked them to if they were able to change my sides since i was told they didn't have it originally and they said they couldn't because the plate was served even though it wasn't handed to me yet. I ended up paying for the sides as extras so i can get what i initially wanted then as im checking my food i notice they didn't add something i was charged for and they tell me "oh yeah we ran out"? Im like ok so you ran out and still charged me for it? That's when he tells me i can order an ADDITIONAL side to make up for the one they told me they had making me for the third time change my order. The quantity is no longer worth the price and they gave more bone and fat than meat on our jerked chicken orders. 2 medium platters and 2 sides came up close to $40, their flavor is good but no longer buying.

Joel Quinn (Tribe of Judah)

Food is good but the portions for the price is not good at all. They give you a bunch of rice and no meat especially the oxtail nothing but bones. People pay to much for a little bit of meat you can keep all that rice. Overall a clean place and good customer service.


The excellent: I called ahead and my food was ready, the staff was friendly, the store was clean, they accept card payments. The Mac and cheese, beef patties and curry chicken were delicious. The portion sizes, overall were generous. The prices affordableThe good: the jerk chicken was OK. I’m always on the hunt for a true jerk marinated chicken not covered in some jerk flavored bbq sauce. This chicken, unfortunately was drenched in a jerk flavored bbq sauceThe bad: the portions on the medium plate were off. They serve the meal in a container that has 2 smaller sections and one big section. One would expect that the larger section, would contain the entree, in my case the curry chicken. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The larger section was filled with rice, and the curry chicken was put in one of the smaller sections. I can’t help but feel a little cheated.

Wayne Eaddy

Best Jamaican food in Trenton hands down food is flavorful hot and fresh great customer service.

Gloria Wilson

Excellent, heavy eater place.Food is always on point.We alway get oxtail,cabbage and beans and rice, medium can feed two. Not to pricey


The best Jamaican Cuisine around!! Everything is sooo delicious, moist, tenderous, and flavorful, the cabbage is banging the oxtails just melt in ya mouth ?. I had the curry chicken yesterday and is was soo delicious . Bamboo Grill is the best ????

MasterChief Z.

Okay ! Let's just start by saying never again ! I guess I was expecting too much ! I ordered the Curry Goat and Oxtail platters for a total of 38.00 ! The rice was extremely dry and overcooked ! The Curry Goat was a rob job ! Nothing but Goat bones and fat ! Just repulsive and nasty ! Oxtail let's say they gave me six Oxtail Nuggets the size of nickels ! You never ever have to worry about me or friends ever buying from this place again ! It looks like they upgraded to a newer building and the food has lapsed ! Good Luck Bamboo ! Your not gonna last long with this Jafakin' food your pushing ! WARNING ! Avoid This Joint !

David Gibson

I had the oxtails and rice and peas with cabbage and two beef patties it was amazing also they give you a lot of food very courteous nice looking restaurant indeed you must come to this spot I'm going back soon, damm peace.

Marquetta Ogunlade

Hands down best Jamaican restaurant in Trenton. Good food, Good customer service. I have tasted the others in the area they can't compare.

Vaughn Logan

Loved the jerk pork and red peas soup really beautiful young lady at the front desk

Jamira Cribb

I always Order a double side of mac and cheese and I never get my double side.. I just ordered again today & my oxtails weren't even done. & I feel like the guy at the front desk just made up a new rule that they can't do a double of the same side even though I paid $22 for a large. I called just like the last time and they told me to come in for my double side and when I got there I was informed of this new rule and told if I wanted a double side I would have to pay four extra dollars as if I didn't just waste gas coming back there... Let's just say I'll never order from them again. By the way I hate their cabbage and they're plantains are a mess.. oh and by the way if you want a large just order a medium cuz that's how much they give you anyway. They rip you off and spread out their food to make it look bigger.

Dechele C.

Bamboo food is good! I ordered the red snapper fish with a side of rice & beans, plantains and cabbage. The red snapper was delicious!! It was seasoned perfectly, it did have a lil kick to it but I didn't mind. If the plantains were soft, I would of been so happy! I will return in the future.

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Bamboo Grill Jamaican Restaurant

1005 Chambers St, Trenton, NJ 08611
(609) 396-1300