3200 La Orilla Rd NW Suite D-1, Albuquerque
(505) 503-1073

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Jayme Fuller

It is really annoying this location closes at 4pm yet the drive through for Dunkin is open.


Since it's also a Dunkin Doughnuts, they didn't have as many flavors as a normal Baskin Robbins. But, it is Baskin Robbins. And ice cream is Ice Cream. Good stuff.

Jesus Ortega

It's 10 pm and they close the doors and have red cones on the drive thru when the website has them closing at 11pm can you fix this

Theresa Gonzales

They took forever to get to you. We ended up leaving cuz another customer did the app order and still waited over 30 minutes to get his food even after they told him it was ready. So I couldn't even imagine how much longer it would take for us.

Practical Andy

Order a sugar cone, got a waffle cone.Ordered 2 scoop hot fudge sundae. Got one small scoop and cold fudge. Last time we came, ordered hot fudge and it was so cold it was like chewing a raw brownie. Waited 10 minutes for 3 cars to move for poor service. Window person handed out stuff to us and walked away. No thank you, nothing. poor service, poor food Won't return here again.

Richard Garcia

Shortage of staff and long wait. Friendly cashier. Yummy iced coffee

Rachel Hampton

Not only have they managed to mess up every order we have ever placed here, but today was the worst. We wanted some simple ice cream scoops and were told that the chocolate, rocky road, and pralines and Cream were not available as they were not pulled from the freezer. After arguing with the young man, we finally managed to place an order for 2 single scoop bowls. We then had to wait in line for 30 minutes in the Drive Thru for ice cream that wasn't what we wanted.This is the final straw. The management of this establishment should be ashamed and I would give them less than 1 star if I could. I will never go back here again. Don't have high expectations if you do.

alaska harston

I've called them twice, including one minute ago. It rings and rings and rings. Then someone picks up the phone and hangs it up.I was going to buy 100$ of ice cream cakes, guess I'll go to cold stone instead.My next call is to Baskin Robbins corporate office to ask them if they bother to read all of these reviews. That is, if they answer the phone..

Kay McInnes

Selections of ice cream are minimal especially if you want newer flavors. Out of cones, not one cone, who does their ordering??

Ashlee Ysco

Was in line a total of 40 minutes. Finally Got to the window, the guy only charged me for 2 out of 6 things I ordered. Had to add my missing items and pay for a 2nd order. Still ended up getting my order incorrect and told me they were all out of the donut. Waited another 10 minutes for my shake for the girl to just hand it out the window rudely. I understand the short staff but when their is 5 or 6 people in the building and the lobby is closed you think the drive thru would have it a little more together

John L

I know with COVID all customer service has gone down the toilet, but this place takes the cake. Aside from the other complaints of not having anything available, I went through the drive thru and the person at the window literally did not say one word despite me saying thank you for taking my card and thank you for handing me the box of donuts. Literally not one word. Not hi, not the cost of the items, and certainly not a thank you. I absolutely hate feeing like I am bugging you to do your job that you applied to do. If you don’t like people that much, I don’t understand why you don’t try to find another job that avoids working with people. Their poor customer service tonight represents the company and I will not go back to either baskin robin or DD simply because this location treats their customers like dirt.

Vangie Bahe

Poor customer service. Always something not in stock or out. I like their products but they're not serving the public well. I don't know why corporate does not do anything about complaints. I will continue to go to 4th street for my coffee an ice cream.

Rosario Blanco

Always low on flavors and workers are rude


Horrible customer experience. Waited almost 10 minutes for someone to assist us and no one ever did and decided to leave. There was only one other customer in the store. Let alone there are 4 workers standing around in the back.

Lischelle Manygoats

Slow even when there are 5 people working. And only 3 customers. No one greets you. Nor helps. They have 3 workers on drive thru and one at the the front.

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