Ms. Gennies House of Chicken

1520 Lomas Blvd NW, Albuquerque
(505) 242-4503

Recent Reviews

Kera Armstrong

Cute little country dining setting. Did was delicious and a good traditional variety. I absolutely loved the decor and setting. The staff were super helpful and friendly. Definitely coming back with more people.

Kevin R. Elder

The wife and I are doing a Keto diet because I weigh so much more than I did when I was 10 and I can't take it any longer. Although there are a couple of options here for the Keto Dieter, we happened to be on a "cheat day" so besides seeing other people, looking over the Battleship board to see each others pieces, and copying from each others tests, we also cheated on our diet and ate enough carbs to kill a horse that was allergic to carbs. (Poor horsey). It was all amazing and delicious. Eat here. This is not a review, this is not a suggestion. Listen up and listen good. EAT HERE YOU GLUTTONOUS PEANUT PRAT. It tastes amazing and it romances your taste buds. Seriously, my taste buds were roofied by the gravy, the meats, the sides, the incredibly nice staff, and the ease of parking. My mouth was taken advantage of and left out back next to the dumpster with my boxers at my ankles, lacking all memories of the past hour - except I could still remember the flavors and the mouth feel of every dish we ordered. I feel vulnerable and a little scared now, but I'll be back, and when I go the next time, ill bring a baseball bat. Cause this place hits it out of the park! Thank you, Ms. Gennie!

Ray Debroisse

Found a fantastic chicken restaurant and we couldn't be happier! The fried chicken was tender, full of flavor and absolutely no grease! My wife had salad and mashed potatoes and I had Mac & cheese and mashed potatoes. All were outstanding especially the mashed potatoes! We will be back!

Robin E.

Robin & My Best Friend Robert Will call for a great Meal & A ride to the Gennie's Sounds like a great place for the food I'm glad you're doing ok with the Restaurant

Sylvia Joseph

The fried chicken and chicken tenders were fabulous! Moist, tender crispy and fresh. The sides are just as good as the chicken! The staff was welcoming, courteous and very helpful.

Mark Canales II

Really good soul food especially for being in ABQ.I recommend this place for a different style of food hereWill becoming back for sure.

Marie X.

Another wonderful find from Yelp that I don't think I'd otherwise know about. So, I enjoyed a discounted meal through a Yelp promotion. I enjoyed a juicy fried chicken sandwich between two pieces of Texas Toast, with all the toppings. Very tasty! Though the restaurant might not catch your eye from outside, inside it was cute and clean. Lots of space between the tables which is important to me. What really struck me, though, was just how nice and hospitable everyone was. Friendly service is nice but it won't make me go back unless the food is good too. It is! I learned from the owner that the restaurant was named after his mother. You've gotta love that. It isn't fast food. The breaded chicken was made to order, but very worth the wait. I enjoyed a drink and chips & salsa while I waited. The location is a close drive to the Botanical Gardens and the Bosque by Tingley Beach, so I'm sure I'll be returning for takeout before long! Definitely a restaurant I would highly recommend!

Joe P.

What a pleasant surprise. A friend took me here for lunch today. As you can see from the menu this place keeps it simple serving up quite a variety of southern specials. My buddy had the 2 piece white chicken plate with a garden salad and side of fire roasted corn. I went for the smoked sausage plate with6 a side of green chile 'pour over' plus green beans and coleslaw. I can see why most all the reviews are excellent. Looking forward to a return visit to give that chicken and catfish a go. 5 's up!

Ashley Amparán Peña

Food was delicious! I ordered the dinner for 4 (fried chicken, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, coleslaw and cornbread). Chicken was perfectly fried with just enough crunch. All of the sides were great. Kids loved it, we all got full and still had leftovers. We will be back.

Louie C

Great comfort food restaurant, try the chicken fried steak or the fried chicken. Very friendly staff and great atmosphere.

Lorraine E.

First visit and it will not be our last we had the chicken fried steak and fried chicken with mash potatoes, salad, Mac n cheese, coleslaw, to be honest we weren't expecting much we were just driving by and I saw the sign but we were very Impressed the food was well seasoned, fresh and good portions. Support a local business it's worth your time and money.

Nett M.

Whenever the opportunity arrives to put my fork into some southern fried, cornmeal dredged catfish my friends, that is where I'm goin'! Ms Gennie's did NOT disappoint! The filet was huuuge, clean and fresh tasting, and coated just enough with crispy salty goodness! The tartar sauce could have used some more zing. Yes, Catfish was the star of our dinner table, and the reason I'm writing this full and happy! We also enjoyed our Yelp Elite Fried Chicken Sammich, juicy and crisp! Husband fully enjoyed his Chicken Fried Steak, crispy coated, with sides of Mac and Mashed Potatoes, (homestyle with some skins) and white gravy (which next time he will tell them to smother on top instead of on the side as a "pour over") We liked the potatoes better than the Mac, as the cheese sauce was a bit mild for our liking. Oh, and the surprise of fresh fried chips and homemade spicy salsa puts a lot of New Mexican restaurants to shame!! Overall a very tasty dining experience, but what put it over the top was the super attentive customer service given to us, as each employee came to say hello and ensure we were enjoying our meal. Thanks Ms. Gennie's!

Gummy Bear

Omg the best chicken and catfish ever! I would recommend this place to anyone! Great service everyone is so nice and welcoming.

Vere p

Stopped here for dinner due to a news article. The place was clean and well appointed. Both of us ordered two piece chicken plates.I couldn't eat my salad due to the amount of salt in it. There were large flakes of kosher salt everywhere. I watch my blood pressure. Eating it could have caused big problems for me.When the chicken arrived, the salt level was off the chart. The batter seemed to be mostly salt. The chicken was without flavor.We always support local. And my heart goes out to the owners here. Maybe a cook with little training cooked our dinner. Maybe the owners grew up in a house where lots of salt meant lots of flavor. Who knows.I do know that had I eaten my dinner it may have ended badly with a trip to the E R.Best of luck to the gennies owners.

Jean C.

This place is AMAZING. I came for the free chicken sandwich promo for Yelp Elites. It's so good. I got the green chile mayo with cheese and pickles. The chicken is moist and flavorful. The side of garlic mashed potatoes was delish. They're creamy with pieces of potato skins. The cashier suggested the Gennie's beans. They are pinto beans with sausage. So so good. Definitely eat in because you get complimentary salsa and chips. The owner Andrew is great, very involved and friendly . His mom Gennie lives in TX but came in for the grand opening. Really great experience. Get over here and try it!

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