The Back Room

102 Norfolk St, New York
(212) 228-5098

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Isela V.

This place is really cool. The walk-in was unexpected (or expected if you researched it like i did) and really fun to walk through an alley to an actual speakeasy. Contrary to other reviews i read, the staff was really friendly and attentive. We were also there during the 8pm hour, so it wasnt too busy and easy to get in and find a table. Coffee cups w booze were cute!

Doris M.

Where do I begin. This place is the shit. Go check it out, it's a little tricky to find but that's the whole point. I don't like the fact they serve everything in coffee cups but I could care less. Check it out!

Jenny L

This was my first time going to a speakeasy and to my surprise it was a lot of fun. The Back Room was mine and my cousin's first time there and initially locating this place was a bit difficult. You have to go down a set of stairs that leads you to this alleyway, which at first seemed a bit sketchy to us. However, once we found the place it had a nice chill vibe. It wasn't busy at all - especially since we went on a Tuesday night. The bartender was very nice. The drinks were good and it's cute because they serve your drinks in teacup. This place really gives off the vibe during the prohibition. Keep in mind, this place accepts cash only. However, overall it is good place to go to.

Jessica Turner

Great little spot. Fun decor and theme for a former speakeasy.

Simone S.

Super cool spot with great drink selections and amazing service. The three stars is from multiple times trying to visit during operating hours to find that the bar had closed early.

Luis Aguilar

A truly discreet “secret” bar that’s in between two restaurants. Funny to phrase it this way, but you can’t miss it. If you’re looking for an authentic Speakeasy, you have to check this drop in time place out!

Matt R.

An authentic speakeasy, with a completely unauthentic music least on the Fri night we had the chance to visit this great spot. Not just authentic looking and feeling, but one of 2 actual locations that were functioning establishments back in the day. A piece of history people should see...just not on a Friday night. Arrived around 9pm after an earlier dinner and it was already half full, and a "DJ" was starting turn up the awful club music....and I mean awful. He seemed quite pleased with himself, while half the people over the age of pubescence just rolled their eyes. Half the tables were already "reserved" and as people got up to leave, they would slap down even more "reserved" cards to prevent anyone from sitting. My guess is that they either reserve them for high paying folks...or move the furniture to turn it into a regular club. This is a great venue, a classic icon of a time when people trying to enjoy their lives had to break the law, and hide away their enjoyments. I will jovially point out the titanic size irony of a speakeasy following gov't requirements to show medical proof of vaccinations for indoor entertainment. lol You just can't make this stuff up. That being said, I'm glad they did. People could enjoy themselves, and the business can reap the profits they need to recoup their losses from 2020. It's just a funny circumstance. The drinks were very well made, especially with how slammed the 2 bartenders were this particular night. Their list isn't huge, but diverse and delicious. A nice touch serving in tea cups, a required "pinkie out" consumption. I had heard that they served beer in paper bags, but they were just handing out bottles. That could simply be b/c of lack of time. Around 10 pm we could notice a stark trend of clientele's age getting younger, and the music louder. I know.."if it's too loud, you're too old" Even the speakers themselves didn't like being used at that volume, as evidence by the crackling and clipping of the "tunes". People wren't dancing, just yelling to each other to have a conversation over the music. I get it, they want to attract more people, and they think younger folks want club music on a Friday night, but this is the wrong venue. People seek out a speakeasy for high end cocktails, and a quaint atmosphere, or live music from a bygone era. On a Friday night, they missed the mark. Don't take my review the wrong way. I'm from out of town, and didn't know that a weeknight would have been more our style. This place has a LOT going right for it, just a few things that really detracted from those things. Fix them, and they could be around for a long long time. This place really is 3.5* on a Friday night. If we had come on a weeknight when they apparently play live jazz, it would be 5* all the way.

Polina Weitz

This is the definition of a speakeasy. Hidden entrance and a 30s decor. Live jazz band on Mondays with swing dancing. No food items. Just cocktails and beers in tea cups. Great vibe!

Brianna D.

I had wanted to come here for years and Back Room did not disappoint! It's very cool that this speakeasy actually operated during Prohibition. The vibe is fabulous. They have wonderful live jazz on Monday nights. I love how cocktails are served in a tea cup.

Brian L.

Nice journey into the speakeasy. Decor is 1920's feel. So if you've been to the haunted hotel at Disney, this is just that. The menu of drinks.... aren't that great. No mixologists and not very crafty. I was expecting a lot more from their bartenders and the place as a whole.

Brandon Norris

Cool location. Good music. Great vibes.

Abigail Ingraham

This place is really fun especially on Monday nights when they have jazz playing live... I really like to drink menu although I thought the drinks were frankly overpriced for what they were... Met some interesting people had some good conversation so all in all a good experience. If you like to experience a nostalgic bar harkening back to a bygone era, check it out!

Tony C.

Vibes are so nice! Good music. Walking through the alley and entering this well decorated room made a great speakeasy experience. Drinks served in teacups! Pink slipper was acidic/bitter (made of grapefruit). But the Bees Knees was a nice, honey-flavored cocktail.

Lauren C.

Such a fun experience trying to find this speakeasy! it was very spacious on a weekday night. CASH ONLY. I'd definitely come back!

Joshua Liew Xuan

Took forever for my friend to get a drink over here or even the attention to bartenders. Worse bar ever. Would not recommend.

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