4020 Commercial St SE, Salem
(503) 581-3683

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Isaac Kelly

They add way too much ketchup to their burgers to the point were that’s all you can taste. I don’t order many items from their menu because they cannot make it properly. Too many options are available for McDonald’s to be messing up like this

Optimist the Bunny

The fries my dudes... are heavenly. ???

Nic Adkins

I liked the card reader on a stick thing they have going interesting way to keep the 6ft at the drive through

Josh Liebertz

Accurate but don’t try to order 8 hash browns when you’re already running late it’ll end up taking a while also would strongly recommend against launching a boat from here there are no lakes within 5 miles so it’s a gamble

Michael Shafer

6:15 am Saturday July 25th. Normally this location has fast service and consistent food quality. This morning at the drive through a young woman took my order three times because she was laughing and having a conversation with another employee while taking my order three times. Finally got my order after waiting behind two cars for 8 minutes. Got home reached into the bag and the sandwich wrappers were covered in grease, nasty. Turns out the hash browns were soaked in oil and tasted burnt, inedible. Thanks for hiring poorly managed children to ruin breakfast for your customers. I got three large coffees asked for 4 creams, they put 23 creamers and 34 packets of sugar in the bag, wake up management!

Leroy Johnson

One of the better parks on Salem, it has a very big kids playground with clean restrooms, 3 volleyball nets , gated dog area, boat launch area and many trails that you could walk. It's clean and has no transients around so it's not shady lookn

Hannah G

Didn't have grilled chicken sandwiches, which is a big bummer because I can't eat anything else at McDonald's. Kind of a big mistake to get rid of them honestly, they're the only low fat option, including salads.

Brett Downes

I have come through the drive-thru numerous times, usually in the morning and have not had many issues. Occasionally I have to wait upwards of fifteen minutes to get through, other days I can get through it just a minute.

kelly keaty

Always consistent and a great value. And the restrooms are open during the pandemic and exceptionally clean. And isn't that why we always return.

Melody Cavilee

So I am giving them 5 stars even though they messed up. I ordered 2 of the breakfast platters that cost me 12 something. When I got home I only had ONE platter... I had 3 kids in car seats and honestly was tired of getting them in and out of the van as I had been Doing ALL MORNING! So I called and one of the managers answered; I wish I could remember his name, bc he was so very polite and apologetic and asked if I was able to come back today I said no bc of the whole 'kids in car seats thing' and he understood and asked if I could come back tomorrow and he would make sure everything was taken care of! He took my name and let me know the manager that's working tomorrow and he would make sure they knew what was going on. Very happy with their service and it's awesome they owned up to their mistake and are fixing it.

Linda Hoffman

Love those diet cokes and french fries.

Michele Reed

You know you guys suck..... Always have and ALWAYS WILL.

Levi Cogle

Over the year and a half that this has been the closest McDonald's to me, they have only fubbed up the order a couple times. That's pretty good compared to the typical McDonald's employees. Only a couple instances of cold fries and poor service. They have the dual drive thru that is getting common. The inside always seems to be well maintained and clean. Not a bad McDonald's location, but not the best either.

Scott Cabney

Food was good yet very slow through the drive through. Next to impossible to turn to the left on rush hour

Sarah Urena

I order nothing but a medium fry in the drive thru at 8:36. When I got to the pick up window I was told to park out front. So I did. And I waited in my car until 9:00. I decided to go inside because it was clear that they forgot. The employees were complaining about how much they hated working there. And one blonde girl even talked badly about her coworkers loud enough that I could hear her while sitting at a table.

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