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Microwaved my frozen steak before cooking it, then cracked fresh eggs, cooked them on the grill, plated them piping hot, put cheese on them, and microwaved them too. Steak was definitely freezer burnt. Waste of money and time, which is sad too because I live near by, and would eat here often if higher quality food...

I never ate here before but I did notice they only accommodate to a certain type of crowd. While passing by they had a sign that said they were closed because of the “Wuhan Virus”. I was shocked but not the least bit surprised. Seems like a discriminatory establishment. Not welcoming to minorities clearly.

Didn't get the chance to even eat , as soon as we pulled up to the parking lot employee with glasses went insane saying we can't park here , even though we were about to go in and eat . Never will I refer anyone to go here completely rude . I was in shock wasn't even in the car two minutes getting the baby's bag ready .

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2902 Buffalo Rd, Erie, PA 16510
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