Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

1671 Knox Ave, North Augusta
(803) 279-1390

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Patrick Bell

Long line at the drive in, but the wait time wasn't too bad. Food order was accurate. I don't eat fast food , but the family likes it!

Donna Barton

Good food Good service good prices. Friendly employees

mr butler

No honey mustard the last 3 times I’ve been through the drive thru. If it’s popularity is should order more. It has nothing to do with supply chains if every other zaxbys in town has it and has nothing to do with being understaffed if it’s simply not ordered and in the store. Coleslaw was sour as well as if it were old. I suppose I’ll eat at the other zaxbys instead because like with all food service it should be consistent.

Daniel M.

Zaxby's has entered the chicken sandwich war and they are showing up with a fantastic and mighty tasty chicken sandwich. It's a little tangy and i like it. I could eat 4 or 5 of their chicken sandwiches in about three minutes because they're so darn good. Zaxby's brought their A-game with their chicken sandwiches and they're getting a 5 star review from me.

Jill Nugent

Food was good but took over 30 ton45 minutes in the drive thru

Denise Ennis

I can't tell you how many times I have ordered a grilled or fried zalad the way I like it and there is NO CHICKEN. Also, they need to open up the dining room.

Deborah Boyd

My husband and I both ordered the new Southern fried chicken sandwich and it was awful!We both threw them in the trash!It wasn’t done!

Francine Browne

It was great. I ordered cob salad, wing and thing it was delicious.

Mike Crosby

Food is good drive thru is quick and sufficient. Good place for family meal.

Leon Walker

This is the worst Zaxby's ever I got a cagun club sandwich and my sandwich was terrible. The lettuce was very small looked as tho it was old . The tomato on it was also old and wrinkled the bun was cold and the chicken was very small and it tasted old. Will not be back I took pictures of it to show people.

TOMMY Bryant

Service was Ok, I only say that because people were getting their food before me even though I ordered before them. I got the new chicken sandwich and it was pretty good. The sweet tea was good.

David Tatum

This location needs better management. We love the owners play the local Christian music station in the dining room but the management is very bad. I ordered $27 worth of food last night through the zaxbys app.... drove to the store parked it the pick up spot called the number and told them my parking spot number, they said food was not ready yet and it would be out in a few minutes this was 6:51.... I placed the order online at 6:30.... finally at 7:20 I went inside to speak to a manager and come to find out I had been forgotten about. I will say the manager did apologize and refund the meal without being prompted by me, but I have to think if you run a business like this how long can you stay in business.

Alandria Johnson

The service is always slow, inside and at drive thru. I've seen a girl use her cellphone then handle people's orders. I also observed the people preparing the food with their masks either off or half off. I understand what it's like to wear masks the entire shift and in hot conditions. However, management needs to accommodate the workers with fans or short breaks.

Debra Rankin

Go inside its quicker than drive-thru food was hot and fresh

Jennifer Pearson

Poor service and quality of food. Placed an online order and still waited over an hour and a half. The manager also inferred I was lying about placing an order since he couldn't "find it on his phone" (which he magically found when I ran out to the car to get my phone to show proof of my order). Even after I got my food, it was of poor quality and cold. Won't eat here again, there are much better options in the area.

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Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

1671 Knox Ave, North Augusta, SC 29841
(803) 279-1390