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As an Asian food fanatic, this was probably the worst I’ve been to. I ordered the orange chicken, which was cold and soggy. I also got the chow mein, which was AWFUL, it was so salty to the point where I had to stop. My friends who were with me felt the exact same way as me.Ofc I didn’t expect it to be perfect n fancy, but this is practically inedible.

Went to Six Flags a little while ago and was excited to get the Chinese food! In years past it was always a Panda Express and I always thought the food was great! Noticed that the place was changed to Chop Six and instantly got disappointed. Ordered my regular, orange chicken with rice, and when I got it I instantly regretted it. You can tell the chicken was a store bought frozen meal and the rice was mushy and bland. Absolutely disgusting. Why did they get rid of Panda and full review

Worst service and food, they did not take your order right and it took them 20 minutes to made the steam rice. The beef meat tasted chewy and bad. One of the employees was putting lipstick with the gloves on the kitchen area. The fried rice was salty. Too bad

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