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510 N Chaparral St, Corpus Christi


Reviews for Infinite

Best New Year's celebration I've ever had took place right there. And with great pleasure I'd like to add that Rehab is no longer there but they remodeled it and now what was once a stage to perform karaoke.. is now a DJ booth and dance floor.. It's. About. To. Go. Down...

Went there last night for 2 beers of Dos Equis and sheng I closed my tab my bill was 24.75..I told the bartenders that this wasn't right, that I only had 2 beers at 4.75 each..they immediately looked at one another and said hey we don't know we have you down for 5 beers..they said it was out of their hands that they couldn't do anything about it..either the bartenders are trash because they know what they are doing or they don't know what they are doing...I wouldn't full review

I really like this bar and have a great time when I go with my gay friends. But, sometimes they have gay bashers and that's not cool. Some guy made a comment about my domestic partner from Houston because he was dancing on the pole and he said I don't want these gay guys on my table. It is people like that make us feel uncomfortable when we should have a good time. We will be back!

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