Pho Saigon Restaurant

10411 NE Fourth Plain Blvd #106, Vancouver
(360) 260-1689

Recent Reviews

Matt mcclain

We received a order through door dash. First mistake, second mistake was the people who run this restaurant obviously lack competency and common sense or the capability of doing a simple job. Knowing they send boiling hot broth with your food with raw meat so it can be cooked through the broth just as it is in the restaurant. My wife went to pick up the bag and it hand melted through the bag and burned her hand. And now DoorDash will do nothing… surprise!! And the foreigners that own the restaurant will not answer and avoiding us. I will never go there, order from them for any reason. They fail as business owners and cooks to properly and safely serve, package and serve food as they should like any restaurant. If I wanted a poorly packaged and incompetent people making my food I would have order Taco Bell. I recommend no one waste there money or time on this restaurant as many other reviews and people have the same experience and similar issues.

Diana Sidiropoulou

I really wanted to like this place better due to the good stars but what I receive on my to go order of combination pho soup was bunch of noodles with mainly one kind of meat when it was supposed to have 4 different kinds.

Tuan Nguyen

Not what I want to pay to expensive for food not good quality? service Terrible

Susan Smith

Great service and delicious Pho! Also love the vegetable stir fry

Dave D

Great place. My Pho was top notch. We made a mistake ordering spring rolls and they switched them out no problem. Nice people, good food. ?

Michael Bonner

Good food. Good service

Jade M.

Went here roughly 3 weeks ago and I have to say that the customer service was great and they even left me this nice little note on my bag. My mom was very pleased with the food I brought her. My dad recommended this place and we'll definitely be back

Chris Rosier

WOW, one of the Best Beef broth Pho's and very friendly Service!! If you are having a bad day, Eat This Pho and Everything will be better!!

Adhaluz Silva de Real

They have one of the best vegan pho ever..

Michael Winderman

Perfect Pho. And Killer Spring Rolls!

Elda R.

Been going here for years . The staff is friendly - they recognize me . Love their spicy shrimp soup and their shrimp salad rolls . Their prices are great.

Joshua Hines

This place has a pretty expansive menu but I really never make it past the combination pho, which is tasty. I usually get the shrimp spring rolls, too.Service is fast and staff are polite.The Thai tea is incredible here, according to my wife. Sometimes she gets two.If I'm in the mood for pho and close by then this is my spot. Give them a try.

Asia S.

Since they changed orders I don't like it anymore. They did something to the noodles. Way over cooked. I went back 2x cause it's close to home. Never again.

Tessa P.

This place is so good! The pho comes with everything separate (noodles, veggies, etc.) from the broth, so by the time you get home, it's not soggy. Excellent for take out!

Amanda Inouye

Great food! We ordered from them via their website and the food was delivered quick and tastes amazing. Highly recommend this place.

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