Milio's Sandwiches

6698 Odana Rd #108, Madison
(608) 827-6750

Recent Reviews

Kaylee Minkoff

Milios is always delicious. Love it!

Maya Wood

I got the #6 with hot peppers, oil and vinegar, it was amazing. 10/10

Mike G

Ok food

Benjamin Fielder

I was a truck driver for years having to deal with S$&way. What a refreshing taste change Milio’s presents. I have the Whole Wheat and what love is the taste of the bread and the fact the bread is thinner than S$&way. The taste and texture and balance of flavors is awesome!!! Well done Milio’s. You are far superior in my opinion to Jared and his bunch!!!

Miss Adams

Good food, I just wish they would be able to stay open later.

Lj K

Stopped at Milo's while driving down Odana road while visiting Madison. Ordered the sandwich combination a Texas longhorn & an Italian club. Both were okay tasted good a little pricey $9.99 for a sandwich drink and either a cookie, pickle, or chips.

Daniel Wanak

It was ok. Not really fantastic, but fine.

Eric Seibert

Another lettuce sandwich. I even ordered double meat and cheese and still tooooo much lettuce and little meat. Wish I could post picture. Ridiculous!

Cindy Martin

Always wonderful

Jesse Allhands

I used to love this place and enjoyed the great customer service but I stopped going here since the guy at the counter doesn't know how to wear his mask properly. Why even bother wearing a mask if you're not going to cover your nose?

Jacqueline Torres-Manzanares

The sandwich was alright, but it made me lose my appetite when I found a lot of blond hairs mixed with the lettuce.

Joyce Nichols

Special order sandwiches we're correct and delicious!

Lee J

I go and get the same sandwich all the time from Milo's and this was the only Milo's that I could find open I get a skinny salami with mayo sandwich pickles and cheddar cheese they put some much cheese on here it was overwhelming I took off and ate the rest of sandwich it was very good as usual after that

Adolfo Aranda

I have had Milio's before and I always liked it but I was so disappointed today! The veggies seemed old and soggy the turkey was old look at the difference between a few days old store and my sandwich today. Sorry but very disappointing

Noel Vinz

Awesome amazing service

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